Things to Know About Top-Quality CBD Products

CBD is arguably the most popular herbal remedy among individuals within and outside wellness and alternative medicines circles for its therapeutic effects. Moreover, the cannabinoid is legal in North America since Canada legalized cannabis consumption in 2018, and the US passed the 2018 Farm Bill. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, it is federally legal to cultivate, produce, and distribute hemp products in the USA.

The cannabinoid’s overwhelming popularity means it’s in high demand, and many “cannapreneurs” have risen to the occasion, selling various CBD products from . However, the products vary in quality, so follow this guide to purchase top-grade CBD products.

1.  Learn The Available CBD Types

According to one research review, the cannabis plant contains well over 100 phytochemicals, but CBD is the primary non-psychoactive cannabis phytochemical. Moreover, some minor alkaloids, including THC (hemp contains a maximum of 0.3% THC), make it into the CBD isolate solution realized from the extraction process.

Therefore, CBD products fall into three primary categories depending on their alkaloid profile, as explained below. Moreover, trusted CBD vendors like Organic CBD Nugs have consumer resources and a helpful customer service team, explaining how different CBD products work.

  • Full-spectrum CBD: It contains CBD as the primary active ingredient, alongside other minor alkaloids, including a maximum of 0.3% THC. The cannabis plant exists in two subspecies, hemp and marijuana; hemp is CBD-dominant while marijuana is THC dominant.

As stated above, all hemp-derived products are federally legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. Although THC is psychoactive, 0.3% THC cannot cause psychedelic effects.

The primary advantage with full-spectrum CBD is that it delivers the entourage effect, whereby the minor cannabinoids, including THC, work to enhance CBD’s effects.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD: If you are uncomfortable with CBD products containing the slightest THC amount, you should consider taking broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD contains various minor cannabinoids but zero THC, meaning you still get the entourage effect.
  • CBD isolate: CBD isolate undergoes more refining processes to remove all other cannabinoids except CBD. Therefore, you do not get the entourage effect with this type of CBD product.

The CBD classifications listed above appear in product descriptions when you shop online. Therefore, understanding such terms helps you choose the best quality CBD product to meet your needs.

2.   Choose The Ideal CBD Consumable Forms

CBD products vary from edibles, tinctures, vapes, smokables, topicals, and more. Besides different physical forms, various CBD consumable forms also have varying bioavailability and longevity.

For starters, CBD edibles take longer to kick in (approximately 30 minutes to an hour) and have lower bioavailability because they undergo digestion. Some cannabinoids get lost during the digestive process, lowering the cannabinoid concentration that makes it to the main blood circulatory system. However, their effects last longest compared to other CBD consumable forms.

On the other hand, inhalation methods like vaping and smoking have the highest bioavailability because they go straight from the lungs to the main blood circulatory system. However, their effects wear off faster than edibles, and one research study concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

CBD topicals also take effect fast due to the skin’s porosity, but they are best for localized pain, like joint or muscle aches. So, learning how the different CBD products work helps you identify the best-quality products for your needs.

3.  Purchase Lab-tested CBD Products

Trustworthy CBD vendors submit all their products for independent lab testing to ensure that you consume the safest CBD products. Such tests screen for cannabinoid profiles, CBD concentration, heavy metals, microbes, mold, mildew, and hemp quality (pesticide-free, non-GMO, organic).

Independent lab testing ensures that you consume ethically-grown, safe, and effective products. Moreover, some brands name their hemp supplier, empowering you to research and vet their cultivation processes.

All products that undergo independent lab testing have an accompanying certificate of analysis (COA) showing the tests’ results. Trustworthy vendors may include a link to the COA or a scannable QR code on the product package, redirecting you to the COA. Moreover, some have consumer resources teaching you how to interpret a COA. Therefore, only buy CBD products with accompanying COAs.

4.  Look For Comprehensive Dosage Guides

CBD delivers individual-specific effects, meaning there is no standard dose for all populations. However, trustworthy brands give dosage recommendations, depending on product potency and the recommended use. For instance, they may recommend a lower dose for relaxation than pain relief.

However, avoid products that only highlight the total CBD concentration in the package rather than per serving. The recommended CBD dosage per serving helps you establish ground zero and adjust the dosage accordingly. While CBD is non-psychoactive, it is biphasic, delivering overwhelming effects at high doses.

5.  Read Consumer Reviews

The best way to establish whether the CBD brand you are dealing with checks all the boxes is to read consumer reviews. Such reviews give insight into fellow consumers’ experiences with specific brands and their products. They also tell you about the overall shopping experience, including customer service quality and delivery services, which are vital when buying CBD products online.

Besides on-page reviews, you can also read off-page reviews and reviews in independent forums, like dedicated CBD social media pages. Reviews help you avoid awful shopping experiences and help you narrow down on brands that sell top-grade CBD products.


Quality is paramount when shopping for CBD or any other product you intend to put into your body. However, mismatched needs may dampen quality when you purchase a high-quality product that does not meet your needs. Therefore, research CBD products and how they work while looking for quality markers to ensure you get an outstanding CBD experience.

Author: Jack Keenan

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