The Low Down on Vaping CBD Concentrates

While vaping has been around for nearly a decade, the interest in vaping CBD concentrates has only just picked up pace in the last year or so.

From old school dab rigs to stealthy and portable dab pens, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

But as CBD has recently hit the mainstream, you might be needing the answer to a simple question first:

What is a CBD concentrate?

CBD itself is derived from hemp and is naturally low in THC – the compound in marijuana responsible for the high.

There are a variety of ways to extract the cannabidiol, but all of them result in an extract, regularly containing over 70% CBD.

This is further refined to create what is known as a concentrate, including the most common one known as CBD distillate.

Different types of CBD concentrates

There are five primary types of concentrates. These are known as wax, crumble, shatter, live rosin/resin and distillate. While there are others, these five covers over 90% of cannabis concentrates available in the market today. To cover all the bases, check out this guide to vaping CBD.

The names often reflect the consistency of the end product, and sometimes the extraction type.

Concentrates with ‘live’ before them are particularly interesting, as they have been extracted without the use of any solvents and are essentially as close to raw liquid forms of the plant they are extracted from.

How do you use them?

Dabbing is the most popular way, and while it can look intense at first glance, dabbing CBD is quite easy with modern technology.

Previously, you would have needed a glass dab rig, which resembles the look of a bong, and a blowtorch to heat a quartz nail until it turned red hot. You would then inhale the vapour through a pipe produced by dropping an extract onto the nail.

Now, you can buy electronic dab rigs which resemble an apple device, or you can buy a dab pen which allows for lowkey pulls with little or no odour.

Dab pens operate in the same way to standard vape pens, but the coil is often ceramic to deal with the high and variable viscosity of the concentrate.

Another firm favourite is CBD distillate based vape carts. These come with the universal 510 thread, so you can add them onto your current vape without any mods. Often these cartridges come infused with terpenes, meaning they are flavorful as well as effective.

CBD Concentrates vs Flower

If you already use a dry herb vape, your probably wondering why would I want to use concentrates instead of flower?

Especially as CBD flower has started to gain traction in 2019, which flower which looks and tastes just like regular weed.

Well, in short:

  • Concentrates allow for a quick and potent hit. If you are medicating, this is often the most effective way to vape CBD.
  • Flower tastes wonderful, but it has an odour, even when vaped. But right concentrate can be odourless.
  • A concentrate is versatile, and it can be dabbed, used to make DIY tinctures or topicals.

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