CBD has been around long enough to get a good sense of what it does, what it can help us with, and whether there are any issues with it. Some people are still on the fence about its medicinal benefits, and some go as far as to say that it’s somehow wrong for you.

However, we’re here to show you that such claims are not only unfounded but that they are, in fact, unscientific. To get a clear picture, we need to look at the data, all the studies, and statistics related to CBD use, and trust us, there’s been a lot in recent years.

What do the statistics show? Is CBD oil really bad, or is all the badmouthing just born out of ignorance? Let’s find out.

It’s OK to be Skeptical, but Don’t Ignore the Data!

When a new supplement or drug explodes on the scene, there are always a lot of people who are reserved and want to look past the hype to see if it’s any good. And that’s a smart way to approach any topic, but it can morph into a paranoid distrust of all things new and different.

Nearly half of 20-something in the US have tried CBD, as well as about one in seven seniors over 60. While medical marijuana is now legal in over 30 states, CBD oil with minimal amounts of THC isn’t prosecuted in any of the 50 states. It’s predominantly allowed for medical use, particularly for use with specific medical conditions like epilepsy.

So, we have testimonies of millions of people who’ve tried CBD, the Health Departments across the US are giving it the green light for medical use, and it’s supposedly still considered wrong by some? Let’s look a bit further into it.

The DEA Says CBD is OK and the Completely Legal CBD Industry is Booming

That’s right, not only is hemp and it’s derivatives with negligible amounts of THC, namely CBD oil, not on the list of controlled substances, but it’s also completely legal for farmers to grow. The CBD industry is on the rise, with projected sales of nearly $2 billion by 2022. Even the number of banks willing to back marijuana and CBD businesses has skyrocketed.

We wouldn’t have seen such high growth in this industry if there were significant fundamental health issues related to CBD. With so many people using it, the DEA and the FDA would be all over CBD, and we’d see some serious restrictions if there were any cases of adverse health effects.

People Are Using CBD for Epilepsy, Anxiety, and Pain Relief with no Issues!

A couple of years back, the FDA greenlit the CBD-based drug Epidiolex for treating seizures brought on by a severe form of epilepsy in children. It was a huge breakthrough, as it is the first officially sanctioned use of CBD to treat a severe medical condition, and it has been shown to reduce the number of seizures in most patients who use it.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to a recent survey, over half the people who use CBD do it for medical reasons, and the most common conditions they use it are anxiety, pain, and depression. In fact, over a third of the people in that survey claimed that CBD helped treat their condition “very well by itself”.

And what were the most common side effects, you can know more about CBD oil here? One in three users said they had one of the following adverse side effects: dry mouth, hunger, and feeling sleepy. So, you get to keep your pain and anxiety under control, but you risk getting a slight case of the munchies or feeling drowsy?

Not quite the dramatic scenario some people fear, now is it?

The Benefits are Clear and the Side Effects Minimal

Anyone screaming in ALL CAPS about the supposed danger of CBD would do well to go over some of these statistics and the latest research. With a solid chunk of the US population now actively using CBD, and all the research that has gone into its effects, it’s safe to say that the benefits far outweigh the negligible risks.

The worst-case scenario is that you may be a non-responder, which there are always a few with most supplements or drugs, and that you spend a few extra bucks on something that gives you a dry mouth and the munchies. The best-case scenario is that you get to live a rich life without pain and keep your anxiety in check.

With all these points in mind, it’s safe to say that the stats are pro-CBD, regardless of what some haters would have you believe. There’s too much to gain, and you have virtually no risks, as long as you buy your CBD oil on a reputable site, so don’t trust the naysayers.