Vaping is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world right now, and for a number of reasons. Many countries banned tobacco smoking in public places and other buildings some years ago, when the health risks became better known, and smokers soon realised that vaping was a more sociable alternative. It comes without the passive smoking problems of cigarettes. Many also realised that vaping was a great way of helping them to stop smoking, and others simply vape because the sheer number of e-liquid flavours means you can enjoy whatever taste you want.

Also, with CBD products being legalised in many countries – and in many states across  the USA – this form of vaping has also become more popular, which has led to vast expansion in the market for vape mods and accessories. If you’re new to vaping, you’re reading this to learn what all the fuss is about vape batteries, and even if you are experienced in vaping, you probably want to know more about them, so let’s get into a little more detail.

Why a 510 Thread Battery?

In the early days, people modified small electrical items to create vape devices – hence the term vape mod – but today there are many different types of vaping device to choose from. There are also other items you need to know about, and the battery is one. Now, most of the items that are used for vaping use a certain type of battery – this is the 510 thread battery, and you have probably rad about them. You’re not alone if you’re wondering what a 510 is, and why it is used.

Quite simply, the 510 thread battery – so called because of the 5mm thread and 10 screw heads that characterise it – has become standard in almost all vape mods, cartridges and other items requiring battery power, which means you can switch your battery between items easily. This is a major benefit for vapers, as the more standard parts, the cheaper things become. However, there are some aspects of the battery you need to understand, if you are to get to grips with why there are different power levels.

The Battery and the Coil

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So, why different types of 510 battery? Put simply, the battery is used to pass an electric charge through a coil in the body of your vape mod. This then heats the vape liquid to the point where it vaporizes and produces the necessary cloud that you vape. However, to create different quantities and strengths, coils have different levels of resistance. To get the best effect, it is important you match the power of the battery with the resistance level of the coil.

Some batteries have variable outputs that you can alter to your own taste; others are fixed, so you need to make sure you are choosing the right one for your equipment, or you could cause damage to your vape mod or pen. This is why we suggest you check out Vape4Ever, as they are the authority site for all things to do with vape mods, and will be able to help you choose the right battery for your equipment.