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Kratom is a herbal supplement that has gained popularity because of its promising therapeutic effects and a remedy for opioid withdrawal. It originates from Southeast Asia, but different kratom strains have been introduced in the US market recently. The drug is taken in various forms, including powder, capsules, and extract.

With the booming industry, many people have ventured into the kratom business to make a fortune. Unfortunately, not all of them are honest in their practices. Some may use low-quality raw materials, poor manufacturing techniques, and don’t disclose important information on their products.

So, where can you buy Kratom online?  This article will help you find high-quality products from reputable sellers.

How Safe is It to Buy Kratom Online?

Is it your first time purchasing a kratom product? If it is, you may prefer a local store where you can get a closer look at the products. There are no face-to-face interactions when purchasing online, and you may not know if you are getting quality products.

But you can still enjoy the convenience of buying online while remaining cautious. You just need to know how to distinguish between fraudulent and genuine sellers.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Kratom Online

Choose the Right Strains

An online store should offer you a chance to choose from various strains. These strains have different alkaloid concentrations, and they are used for different purposes. It will help if you understand each strain’s potential to achieve your desired results.

These strains include:

  • Red vein: This strain, when used in small doses, offers stimulating effects. It’s ideal for relaxation and is widely accessible.
  • Green vein: This strain is very potent and producers long-lasting effects that significantly boost your energy levels.
  • White vein: It is known for being versatile and well-rounded. The is a popular stimulant and a great mood enhancer.

Of course, each of these strains’ effects is influenced by many factors—the quality of your kratom, your body tolerance, and your lifestyle count. But the white veins are considered the most euphoric and stimulating of the three. Most people take it to increase their alertness or boost concentration and overall mood.

Buy from a Reliable Store

If you are not cautious, you may fall victim to scams, common over the internet nowadays. Some of the things that may happen to you when dealing with an unreliable vendor include receiving impure products with harmful chemicals, delivery of the wrong strain, or no deliveries at all.

The best way to determine a store’s credibility is to read reviews and ask for recommendations. You can get reviews from social media websites and popular Kratom platforms. If an online store has several negative reviews, avoid purchasing your product from such a store.

Check Third-Party Lab Testing

Before you purchase your Kratom product, it’s recommendable that you check the third-party lab test certification to determine the compound’s quality and chemical composition.

If a store sells poor-quality products, it may use an untrustworthy lab testing agency or even fail to disclose the lab results.

A reliable store usually reveals their lab results to show that they are selling the right quality and impurity-free products. If a seller provides such clarity, you are guaranteed to purchase safe Kratom.

If you can’t find the result on the site, you can ask them to provide the certification. If the store is unwilling to provide the requested and important information, look for a different and reliable seller.

Don’t Focus on the Price

The price of a product may not necessarily indicate its quality. Some vendors may lower their prices to attract more customers to clear their low-quality goods. If you purchase such products, you may need to take high amounts to achieve your desired effects. This may increase your chances of developing a dependency on the drug.

Purchasing the most expensive Kratom isn’t always the best choice either. You may be paying more than you should while thinking you are getting the best quality. This often happens when a store is importing its Kratom from a distributor rather than the source, it will charge you more to cover middlemen’s cost.

Conduct research to know the average price of a high-quality product. Make sure the price is reasonable, not too cheap, or overpriced.


Like buying anything online, there are many challenges in identifying genuine sellers in the kratom industry. The situation is even worse, considering kratom is still in a grey area, leaving the market highly unregulated.

While it is advantageous to shop online, it is important to look for a reliable store to get the most out of the purchased product. These are some of the tips you can keep in mind when buying your products online.

Before you use kratom for health gain or to reduce opiate cravings, always consult your doctor to learn about the dosage and probable side effects.