Description: Dollar Store drug tests have become popular but are not Health Canada regulated, so are they a good or a bad option? Can parents and employers rely on them?

How Accurate Is The Dollar General Drug Test?

There are several local news and information sites that keep an eye out for consumers’ shopping habits and have discovered that home drug test kits are on the rise but remain unregulated. For only one dollar, parents and kids can visit their local dollar store and purchase these kits. Because there have not been any serious tests performed on these kits, no one really knows how accurate they are. They are lined up on shelves along the health and beauty aisles. The boxes show an image of a cannabis leaf and offer limited information.

We checked out some of these boxes, which say the test is 97% accurate with results in five minutes after dipping the strip into a urine sample. The results will give you a minus or positive symbol to let you know if there is THC in the user’s body or not. The test kit also states that over-the-counter and prescription use have a cut-off of 50 ng/ml. Ng stands for nanograms and is commonly used for drug testing with various cut-off levels. Although other drug tests go by higher standards and levels then those set by Federal Guidelines, the package claims it has an Easy Screen test that abides by Federal Guidelines. We attempted to reach out to Dollar Tree for comments but never heard back. There are drug stores that offer home drug tests for cannabis, opiates, cocaine, or MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) commonly known as ecstasy but these tests cost approximately $30 and must be sent off to a lab for results.

About Easy Screen:

Jeff Soto has followed and studied many of these products and said that tests like Easy Screen are really not very reliable. Most of these tests are made in China and are not abiding by the standard levels of other tests plus one box to another can vary greatly. Many consumers who buy these products use drugs and are checking because they have a drug test coming up at work, applying for a jot or for other reasons.

Soto also stressed that accurate home drug test kits must go through a very exacting screening and process with Health Canada in order to qualify for approval.

Although Patch is an independent U.S. local news and information organization, they reached out to Dollar Tree Stores, Inc, as their stores are throughout the U.S and Canada. There was no response so they attempted to contact the FDA and again, no response. Searching their website Patch discovered that in August 2011, Greenbrier International’s Easy Screen Marijuana Test Strip for THC was categorized as waived from regulatory oversight.

In order to be considered for waivers:

  • Any test listed in the regulation
  • Any test system which the manufacturer or producer is applying for a waiver must meet statutory criteria and the manufacturer must offer scientifically valid data verifying the waiver criteria have been met.

For a full understanding of the regulations, please visit Health Canada’s drug regulations page by Clicking Here

Quite honestly, parents and consumers alike should be wary of these cheap tests. Most will not provide the accurate results you are looking for.