The cannabis issue continues to be quite delicate, and the limits between legality and illegality are still a bit blurred. In this article, we will tell you all the facts about cannabis marketing and how you can do business by skirting the law on the subject of cannabis without breaking it. In addition, we also explain how legal cannabis companies in the US have the challenge of advertising their products while the federal government conceives them as drug traffickers.

Cannabis marketing bordering the law

In the United States, the large cannabis companies are immersed in a war to create quality brands and to be able to present all their products to traditional consumers, but it is really very difficult for them to be able to do marketing and advertise their products.

You cannot make these types of advertisements on Google and Facebook, and even cannabis sellers have been suspended from the social network Instagram. Some examples of this in the media can be, for example, the refusal of CBS to broadcast an advertisement about medical marijuana in the Super Bowl or the banks’ refusal to finance these types of companies making it hard to find payment gateways and processing partners, open a business account or get a loan in many states.

In the US, more and more states have been legalizing marijuana both at a medical and recreational level, and that is why the market could multiply rapidly between now and 2030. However, experts believe it will be very complicated to see that potential reached if companies can’t get to market their products in the way liquor, beer, or other alcoholic beverages do.

Experts consider that there is still a great stigma around marijuana. After decades of prohibition, it’s challenging to change that mindset. A great boost to bring consumers into the market is what’s really needed for these legal businesses to thrive and grow, but businesses find it practically impossible to reach these consumers. The internet is perhaps the most effective marketing medium for “banned products,” including marijuana. But how to make the most of it is another matter.

Focus on less popular search terms

If you target a general search term directly, then you won’t be generating the traffic you expect. You may need to focus on less popular search terms to avoid stiff competition that doesn’t return any results. For example, if you target the word ‘Dab Pen,’ you may encounter stiff competition from established companies. However, if you target a longer tail keyword like ‘510 quartz dab pen carts’, then the competition will be slight, and you’ll have a better chance of capturing that audience. This is good for your traffic progress, firstly targeting longer tail keywords rather than just focusing on the high volume high competition options.

Detailed knowledge

There are tons of websites selling marijuana products that feature boring generic information. Basically, the information is the same but with different words. Try to do research in your own language so that your content looks unique to your readers. It would be better if you display more complete information than what is listed on similar websites. You want to strive to be a voice of information in your niche.

Create content that provides solutions

Every one of your visitors is sure to have an interest in and at least one question about marijuana. Instead of displaying bland content that doesn’t mean anything, you need to create content that answers the questions your visitors may be asking. Do research on forums and community pages to find out what questions people are asking the most, then set about answering those in the most complete, informative, and engaging way. If you don’t have any ideas, imagine that you are a shop owner selling marijuana products, and every day you have to answer various questions from people who visit your shop.

Here are some possible questions:

– Is it necessary to grind the strain finely before loading it into the vaporizer?

– Which is the best between convection or conduction vaporizers?

– What are the advantages of using a balloon vaporizer?

– Sativa or indica: Which is recommended for beginners?

The questions above are just a few examples of how you should “lay the foundation” for your content.

In essence, by avoiding tough competition and providing more specific and valuable information, you can increase your traffic, and that means an increase in sales.