Edibles vs. Vaping vs. Smoking? Which Is Healthier?

Yes, more clinical research is certainly essential to prove further the therapeutic effects of cannabis use. But to date, there are studies that support its positive effects on chronic pain, seizures, cancer, depression, and diabetes. If you have these health concerns and are prescribed to use cannabis, the insights on this post might help you make informed behavioral choices.

The first thing to bear in mind when using cannabis is the consumption method. How you take this substance affects the results. Do you like to enjoy your CBD using a vape? Do you want to smoke it? Or would you rather have cannabis edibles to have your dose of CBD while giving yourself a gastronomic treat at the same time? Read further to know the pros and cons of each consumption method.


With cannabis edibles, you can be assured that you can enjoy every drop of your recommended CBD dose. Especially if you’ll learn the common infusion methods (e.g., cannabutter, canna oil), you can basically turn any regular dish into a cannabis-infused one. With this intake method, you can expect to enjoy the following:

  1. Slow effect, which is good if you’re not that familiar with cannabis yet. Users usually start to feel the kick after 60 to 90 minutes and the effect could last up to 4 to 12 hours.
  2. Variety of foods and beverages you can prepare. Plus, you can mix CBD edibles with other healthy foods (e.g., shakes, salads).
  3. Ingesting CBD can possibly aid your healthy eating routine as you’re not advised to eat cannabis on an empty stomach
  4. Eating your CBD could help you avoid the stigma, discomfort, and the “high” usually associated with smoking and vaping.

What’s not so good about edibles, though, is that overconsumption is high among users. And like all other medicinal product, overdosage can have adverse effects, especially on the liver.


Aside from cannabis edibles, you could also get your daily dosage of CBD via vaping. Smoking and vaping can seem quite similar. But there’s actually a huge difference between the two consumption methods.

The main difference lies in the temperature with which the weed is heated. Unlike smoking, vaping requires less combustion or burning. This means that the weed’s active components are activated and heated using low temperatures. As a result, you won’t experience a lot of lung irritation, coughing, and other respiratory discomforts that usually comes with smoking.

In the vaping world, exploring different flavours is a great idea. But for cannabis vapers, this option isn’t available yet. Another drawback is the potential initial cost it’s going to cost on users, especially in buying a vaporiser, vape pen, and other accessories. You also have to learn how to clean these items.


Smoking cannabis has a long history and tradition. It’s even a part of different cultures around the world. After all, this is the first method of consumption known to man.

For many years, people opt to smoke cannabis to ensure fast effect and impact. Like vaping, the effect of smoking weed can be felt in as fast as 10 to 15 minutes after consumption. Those who are not used to smoking yet are advised to wait about 20 to 30 minutes before smoking more. When done properly and at the right dose, smoking weed could result to a lot of health benefits, such as improving lung function, reducing of cancer cells, and regulating diabetes.

On the flip side, the stigma associated with smoking weed could be intimidating for newbies. Like vaping, the effect could also be intense, and users could be coughing and wheezing after consumption. Also, overdosage could bring more harm than good.

The Verdict

All these three options offer different health benefits. But to make a better decision, you have to identify your other health concerns as your CBD consumption might aggravate your existing conditions. It’s also best to consult with a physician first.

Are you a newbie who is just learning the ropes of this CBD consumption? If yes, it would be wise to opt for cannabis edibles. This option gives you more flexibility in terms of taste. You can also opt to integrate edibles with your existing healthy meal plan.

Ultimately, asking for a doctor’s recommendation is the best way to ensure you’re safe and healthy while taking this product.

Author: Guest Contributor

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