Dry Herb Vaporizer Buying Guide 2021

Marijuana is steadily pulling away from its taboo-label, thanks to medical science’s continuous research about how it can benefit one’s health. Here’s a buying guide for features to watch out for, whether for a conventional make or a vaporizer with swappable ovens.

3 Major What-To-Look-Fors In Vapes

  1. Power

Since you are wanting to invest in quality portable vaporizers, start with the basics— how is it powered? Does it need batteries? What kind and how many? Is the device rechargeable? How many hours will it take before it’s fully-charged? How long before it runs out of power?

A ton of questions. We know. But these questions are integral in ensuring that the vape you are about to purchase is one that’s reliable, based on its power-efficiency. The more hassle-free it is for you to power up a vaporizer (without taking away from its level of “conduction” or “convection” for vaporization), the higher its value against what you pay for.

If constant battery changes and/or charges are required, it won’t be that good a buy, budget and effort-wise.

  1. Chamber Size

The heating chamber, also referred to as the “oven”, is where the dry herbs are heated, and ultimately, vaporized. The the size of a chamber may play a role in either slowing down or quickening the process of vaporizing hemp.

In addition to this, be mindful of how much herbs you use at any given time. Are you scouting for a large-capacity, large-chambered vaporizer? Or is a mini all you need for those headaches and muscle pangs that plague your day-to-day?

Besides how much herbs you can put inside the vaporizer with swappable ovens, the other aspect of it has to do with “distribution”. If you’re among those who are concerned about “even” herb-heating, opt for a vape with a larger oven. This will allow you to have a bit of room to spread out the weed and have them be heated uniformly.

  1. Chamber Material

There are 3 main material types from which vape chambers are made: glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Glass Heating Chamber

There are chamber materials that offer little convenience in maintenance. This poses a problem because when old residue mixes with new hemp, it may change the aroma of the latter. An issue you won’t have to go through with glass chambers, as they can be easily cleaned.

Although it offers easy upkeep, it is very fragile. So handling it with care when you disinfect it is a definite must.

Ceramic Heating Chamber

Similar to glass, a ceramic chamber needs only a few wipes to have them be pristine and spotless after utilization. Every new draft is clean and pure. An advantage for it being able to preserve the original flavor and scent notes of marijuana herbs.

That said, these tend to have minute holes that may get clogged if they aren’t wiped and/or brushed well. Be sure to be more meticulous with cleansing this portion of the vaporizer each time.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another all-time-favourite because of its non-reactive characteristic. Plus, its smooth-finish will aid you in maintaining it without complications. One thing to note about stainless steel is that it’s heavy, and this is due to its strength-to-density ratio. On the contrary, its weight equates to excellent durability.

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