Have you ever tried CBD oil and found that it didn’t do anything for you? Though surveys suggest that most CBD users are quite happy with the supplement, there is a very good reason why you might not feel the same about your experience: The CBD oil that you’re using may not be strong enough.

With the release of Crescent Canna’s high-potency CBD oil – available in strengths up to 9,000 mg per one-ounce bottle – we have a new claimant for the title of “the world’s strongest CBD oil” – and there are several reasons why you should consider buying it. Before we discuss Crescent Canna’s latest product in greater detail, though, let’s address the white elephant in the room: Why has it taken so long for stronger CBD oils to reach the market?

Crescent Canna High-Potency CBD Drops start at $149.99. Both strengths are available in Peppermint and Mandarin Lime flavors, and both use all-natural flavorings.

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What Makes Crescent Canna High-Potency CBD Drops Special?

Strongest CBD Oil

The thing that makes Crescent Canna’s high-potency CBD drops special is that it’s simply the strongest CBD oil on the market. With the 9,000 mg strength, you’re getting 300 mg of CBD per 1 ml dropper. With some brands, that’s as much CBD as you’d get from drinking an entire bottle!

Now, you’ve probably read some of the warnings about CBD online. You’ve seen that some CBD products have been tested, and it’s been found that those products didn’t actually contain the amount of CBD claimed on their labels. So, when a company comes out and claims to have the strongest CBD oil on the market, you’re probably going to treat that claim with a bit of skepticism. Crescent Canna knows that, so they send their product batches out for testing via a third-party lab and publish the results.

View Crescent Canna’s lab tests here. As you can see, the products contain exactly what’s on their labels. The lab reports show that Crescent Canna also screens its products for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, mycotoxins and pathogenic microbes before releasing them to the market.

What this all comes down to is that Crescent Canna isn’t just another fly-by-night CBD brand that’s sourcing bulk CBD isolate from wholesalers in China and passing it off as a premium product. Crescent Canna uses organic hemp grown on American farms, and while American hemp is the most expensive hemp on the market, it’s also the best.

Why Are Strong CBD Oils So Hard to Find?

Many of the CBD oils presently on the market aren’t particularly strong, with typical products containing around 500-1,500 total mg of CBD per one-ounce bottle. The hemp extract required to make CBD oil isn’t cheap, and the relatively low strengths of most commonly available CBD products results from a combination of two factors.

  • CBD brands want to price their products attractively enough that consumers will want to buy them.
  • CBD brands also want to use the least amount of hemp extract required to make a viable product, because that’s what maximizes profitability.

Hemp extract is a fairly expensive ingredient to use because it’s a natural plant product – not something that can be synthesized in a lab – and it takes quite a lot of hemp biomass to create a relatively small amount of hemp distillate. However, the high price of CBD oil is also somewhat artificial, and it’s only a matter of time before prices begin to come down.

Here’s why.

  • One major reason why CBD brands have charged so much for their products to date is because the market has accepted those prices. It was always a matter of time before a CBD brand stepped up and sacrificed a portion of its short-term profits to gain long-term market share. That’s exactly what Crescent Canna has done.
  • The other reason why CBD brands have charged high prices is because hemp extract from domestic growers has been in relatively short supply. The 2018 Farm Bill changed that by legalizing industrial hemp as a cash crop nationwide. The bill became law in December 2018, and a little over a year later, hemp biomass is no longer in short supply. The industry is still dealing with a shortage of hemp processors to extract the CBD from the biomass, but that’s beginning to change as well. CBD extracted from domestic hemp is becoming easier to find and more affordable, and consumers will continue to see more attractive prices for CBD oil as long as the demand for CBD continues to increase.

Why Do You Need the Strongest CBD Oil?

Crescent Canna’s high-potency CBD drops should appeal to just about any CBD user, and there are two reasons for that.

  • If you’ve tried CBD and found that it didn’t work for you, it may have been because you weren’t using enough CBD. With some CBD oil products, a dropper of the oil simply doesn’t provide enough of the active ingredient to make much of a difference for some people.
  • If you’re happy with your current CBD dosage, switching to a higher-potency CBD oil can still benefit you because you’ll get more CBD for your money. You can take less oil per serving, and your bottles will last longer.

What’s the dosage of CBD that you should be using? CBD brands tend to be pretty vague about dosages because they’re not allowed to make medical claims about their products. You can get some valuable information, though, just by reading some relevant medical studies.

With many CBD oils, you’d have to drink a significant portion of the bottle to even approach these dosages. There is a real market, then, for a stronger CBD oil – and again, a higher-potency CBD oil can still be useful even if you’re already happy with your CBD intake simply because you won’t have to use so much of the bottle at a time.

Final Thoughts: Crescent Canna Could Start a New CBD Trend

Reading our review of Crescent Canna’s high-potency CBD drops, one question might spring to your mind: Why hasn’t another brand released a strong CBD oil already? The answer is really very simple – it’s because someone had to be there first. If you need stronger CBD products to get the results you want, you finally have an option that doesn’t involve buying several bottles of CBD oil a week – and if you’re already happy with your current CBD dosage, you’ve just discovered a CBD product that’s going to last you just about forever between purchases. Either way, you win.