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When it comes to pets, one of the most popular therapeutic supplements for them nowadays is CBD oil. You can learn more about CBD and cannabis studies on this site here. This industry is still new, but lots of pet parents testify that their canines could benefit from CBD extracts.

When you choose a product to give to your Labrador or Retriever, you should consider some factors to ensure that you are buying a legitimate product. Since the cannabis industry is still an unregulated one, you may face pitfalls and problems later if you don’t do research about cannabidiol. This is where buyer beware comes into play, and make sure that you take a careful look at those “budget-friendly” priced products.

It is important to research and read forums before you purchase CBD extracts. This is because there are so many dangerous and fake bottles out there from unscrupulous manufacturers that you will never know whether they are the real thing. You should never put your canine’s health in danger, and here are some tips that can help you choose.

Quality Over Cheap Price

The saying that you sometimes get what you pay for is true in CBD. Always choose high-quality ones over cheaper bottles. If you see that the price tag is too cheap, you should think thrice and run away from that specific product.

Many suppliers may take advantage of the sudden rise of cannabidiol in the markets that they decide to make easy bucks by selling fake bottles. The trusting animal lovers buy the products only to face more ailments later on because the ingredients were harmful.

The authentic and legitimate manufacturers will give you all the information that you need first before you purchase a bottle. They will answer your questions about CBD oil for dogs, and they will provide you with free access to their laboratory results. Most of them have ingredients and dosage recommendations written on the labels, and they ensure that there are no harmful residues left in the final product.

Trustworthy companies in the cannabis industries will give you reports that were verified by labs that say their oil extracts are organic, pure, and 100% safe for canine consumption. They will also explain the manufacturing process that they did on the hemp plants for further proof that they are legit.

When conducting your research, a good start is to review the criteria and benchmarks that make quality cannabidiol. When you know what to look for, you’ll never settle for less, and you can point out the products that will have true healing potential for your furry friend.

More Information about the Oil Extracts

It’s never an easy task to identify and find a reliable cannabidiol product for your canine. The information about CBD can be found in many blogs and community forums, but most of them may be fragmented and inaccurate. What you need is current information about the developments and new studies involving CBD.

Many researchers nowadays are publishing their findings in veterinary journals and medical literature, so these are good sources that you should read about cannabidiol. Your primary goal is to get the most effective, credible, and science-based product available in the market today.


There are times when directly administering the oil to your dog’s mouth produces undesirable results. Some of them may not appreciate getting a new and foreign taste on their tongues, and others will stay away from cannabidiol as a result.

Fortunately, there are treats to help you out. These treats are often covered with cannabidiol extracts, and they were mixed with beef, chicken, salmon, and other flavors that are appealing to your pet. Before buying the pure oil extract for your canine, you should know the existing treats available for them on many websites, and you should also pay attention to the other ingredients in the mix.

Other Criteria to Look For

  1. Origin of the Hemp Plants/Source

The origin of the hemp plants where CBD is extracted is very important in determining the oil’s overall quality. There are commercial cannabis products that come from industrial hemp, and their molecular structure is the same as that of cannabis. However, there are specially-bred cannabis plants that can produce purer forms of cannabidiol and other compounds that are beneficial for your dogs. Read more publications about cannabis here:

Just make sure that the plants were sourced within the USA, especially in states like Colorado, Washington, California, and many others. This is because many overseas companies will usually strip their products, and some of them have a lower percentage of cannabidiol in the oil. The substandard products can also be full of chemicals and harmful toxins that will not be ideal for canine consumption.

  1. Extraction Methods

How CBD oil was extracted matters because its purity will be affected. The best method that you need to choose is CO2 extraction. The technique is also used in essential oil industries and producers of perfumes.

Carbon dioxide extraction is safe because it does not leave any solvents or toxic chemicals in the extracts. Some even include the beneficial terpenes that are part of the entire plant structure. What you gain with the purer form of the product is safe, effective, and beneficial.

The second method of extraction, aside from the supercritical CO2, is using ethanol or butane. The solvents are a more affordable way of getting CBD, but they are not very desirable. The chemicals that you need to avoid include propane, BHO, hydrocarbons, and hexane.

For the safety of your pets, you should shop for products that utilize CO2 or food-grade ethanol. Another method used for extraction includes column chromatography. This is to extract a wider range of materials that use closed-loop systems. This method is already utilized for Stevia and Ginkgo Biloba.

The technology of column chromatography can legally extract cannabidiol and other derivatives like THC from marijuana. This involves a pressurized liquid that goes through a polymer screen. The materials cause polarization and separation of the plant components resulting in larger quantities of the extracts.