7 Big Distributors of CBD Hemp Flower

Finding a reliable CBD hemp flower distributor might be a task because of the many CBD fraudsters today. For beginners, getting an ideal distributor requires a lot of time and careful selection, but sometimes you still end up with the wrong products. Many consumers and retailers still fall for the bad dealers in the market, but that does not have to be you anymore.

We have good news for you because below is a list of top CBD distributors in 2021, where you can find high-quality CBD hemp flower products. The best part is, the list contains both retail and wholesale distributors, so you can now relax and read through our collection.

We Farm Hemp

Located in Colorado, We Farm Hemp has over 70 acres of hemp crops where they extract their pure hemp flower for their products. The farm serves the different parts of the west coast of the United States and has a website where other customers can access their hemp flower products at discounted prices. They also offer both retail and wholesale services for their hemp flower products at pocket-friendly prices. We Farm Hemp have over ten years of experience farming hemp plants and producing different products from pure hemp.

Eve Farms

Eve farms are an award-winning CBD Flower Company for the 2019 flower cup. Located in San Francisco, Ca, Eve Farms is a wholesale supplier of pure, high-quality CBD hemp flower products. All their products have third-party lab results, so you can rest assured of excellent quality. Eve farm’s products contain zero THC, allowing you to enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD naturally grown in the US with the correct standards. They have a collection of pre-rolls, CBD oils, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum, all 100% hemp flower.

Pure Hemp Farms

It is located in Los Angeles, California. The company provides some of the purest high-quality CBD products ranging from pre-rolled CBD joints, vapes, kief, CBD isolates, and the CBG flower. They offer both retail and wholesale services to their clients and even have free shipping offers depending on the order’s size. They have mastered the industry and invest in fully mature hemp flower of the highest quality in the US to give their customers the best products in the market.

Carolina Hemp Farms

The Carolina hemp company is a wholesale company that is one of the leading distributors of high-quality hemp flower products. Their products have third-party lab results assuring consumers of the quality, and they continue to create more products that meet the customer’s needs. Their services and products are available from nine to five, five days a week and free shipping packages for their orders. If you are in search of some of the high-quality US hemp flower products, they are the plug.

Discount Pharms

The company connects you to some of the best CBD hemp flower vendors. Whether you are looking for some high-quality boutique hemp flower or processing materials like CBD biomass for your edibles, they got you covered. The company has contact with some of the best expert breeders and growers that assure you of high-quality hemp flower. They can even connect you with their cultivators to create your custom strain. With Discount Pharms, there are endless opportunities if you are passionate about CBD hemp flower.

Industrial Hemp farm

The Colorado-based company is one of the top three worldwide distributors of hemp and CBD products. They offer both retail and wholesale services to their clients from their wide range of CBD hemp products. Industrial hemp farm’s strains are both indoor grown and outdoor, focusing majorly on quality for their customers’ benefit. It is one of the best distributors of CBD isolate, distillate, hemp concentrates, CBD gummies, CBD hemp oil, among others, and at affordable prices. Their products have a third-party testing result to assure their clients of quality. If you want some of the best quality products, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Wholesale CBD Flower

If you are looking for the best high-quality CBD hemp flower products in bulk, Wholesale CBD Flower is the best plug. They are 2020’s hemp cup winners, partnering with some of the best hemp growers and breeders to bring you the highest-quality CBD hemp products. The company offers discounted prices for their products, which are pocket-friendly. Their products also have third-party lab results, so you can rest assured of quality when consuming their CBD hemp products.


While finding the ideal CBD hemp flower distributor might be an exercise, it’s worth the effort. The above list contains some of the most reliable distributors offering some of the purest, high-quality CBD hemp flowers and extracts. Before making any purchases, though, it is good to do your due diligence to verify the products’ authenticity.

When shopping, put your health first before the money, so if you can afford some premium products, go for them. Low-quality cheap products may have adverse results on your health.

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