When you buy CBD from a well-known seller like Golden Remedy Wellness, you’re going to see an enormous variety of products from many different makers. It’s enough to make your head spin. In particular, one of the things that can make buying CBD such a challenging and overwhelming process is the fact that CBD is available in so many different forms.

When CBD first began to emerge as one of the world’s most popular supplements, most people bought it in one form: as an oral oil-based tincture. You’d take CBD oil by holding it under your tongue for several seconds and then swallowing it, and that was sufficient for most purposes.

It wasn’t long, though, before hemp processors began to manufacture CBD isolate. A crystalline powder that dissolves easily in oil or propylene glycol, CBD isolate makes it easy to add CBD to just about any type of product from capsules and lotions to beverages and beauty products. CBD isolate is also the key ingredient of CBD gummies – the central topic of this article.

After the standard oral CBD oil, gummies are undoubtedly the next most popular CBD products on the market today – and whether you’re a new CBD user or have already tried CBD oil in the past, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen CBD gummies and are intrigued by them. In this article, we’re going to explain the pros and cons of CBD gummies to help you make a better buying decision. Should you be using CBD gummies instead of another type of product? These are the benefits and drawbacks.

CBD Gummies Taste Great

One of the reasons why CBD gummies initially became popular is because many people didn’t like the taste of the early CBD oil products. In the early days of the CBD industry, most CBD oils were made from full-spectrum hemp extracts that were only barely filtered before bottling. Some of them tasted fairly hempy and bitter, and that was a turnoff for some people. Other people simply didn’t enjoy the experience of holding oil under their tongues, and CBD gummies solved both of those problems.

CBD gummies are candy. They’re made primarily from sugar and a gelling agent such as gelatin or agar. They taste terrific – and since they use CBD isolate, they have no hempy flavor at all. Although modern CBD oil tastes much better than it once did thanks to improved processing, there’s no way for it to compete with the flavor of CBD gummies.

CBD Gummies Give You the Same Dose Every Time

If you’ve ever tried to measure and take CBD oil with a dropper, you know how imprecise a dropper can be when you’re trying to measure something down to the individual milliliter – especially if the dropper has no measuring lines. It’s very difficult to ensure that you’re getting exactly the same dose every time when you use CBD oil. For some people, that’s not a problem – but if you’re trying to determine whether CBD is helpful for a specific condition, you’ll probably want to take specific dosages and track the results. That’s really difficult to do with CBD oil, but it isn’t hard at all with CBD gummies because all of the work is done for you. You’ll get exactly the same dose with each gummy you take.

CBD Gummies Are More Discreet Than CBD Oil

If you have any experience with oral CBD oil, you know that it isn’t always the easiest supplement to take in public. When people see you putting the dropper in your mouth, they’re often going to start asking questions. Meanwhile, you’re trying to hold the oil under your tongue so as not to mess up the dosage. When you’re finally able to speak, it’s time to answer the litany of questions:

  • What are you doing there?
  • CBD? Oh, isn’t that just a sneaky term for weed?
  • What sort of health problems are you using it for?

If you’ve ever taken CBD oil and end up having to answer those sorts of questions, you know that the process can start to get old really quickly. CBD gummies, on the other hand, look like any other gummy candy. Your health is your own business, and CBD gummies are some of the most discreet CBD products on the market.

CBD Gummies Are More Expensive Than Other Forms of CBD

The prices for all CBD products have dropped dramatically in 2021 because, for the first time, there has been more than enough hemp grown to meet the burgeoning demand for CBD. That’s helped to contribute to dramatically lower prices for all types of CBD products, including gummies. However, some CBD products have lowered in price more than others.

Compared to CBD oil – which is minimally processed before bottling – CBD gummies have a much longer and more labor-intensive production process. The manufacturer needs to set up an entire production line for making candy – and then the manufacturer can’t do anything with that production line except make CBD gummies. The expenses have to be recouped somehow, and that means you’ll pay more per milligram of CBD than you will if you buy CBD oil.

CBD Gummies Absorb More Slowly Than Some Other CBD Products

The final thing you need to know about CBD gummies is that they’re not ideal if you want to use CBD in a way that gets it into your bloodstream as quickly as possible. When you use CBD oil, holding the oil under your tongue allows it to absorb sublingually; a large portion of the CBD in the oil is in your bloodstream within seconds. When you vape CBD, you’re absorbing it through your lungs; that’s nearly instant.

When you take CBD gummies, on the other hand, the CBD needs to pass through to the digestive system before it’ll begin to enter your bloodstream through your intestines. Depending on how efficient your digestive system is and how much food you’ve eaten recently, that can take an hour or two. That’s fine if your goal is to maintain a constant level of CBD in your bloodstream throughout the day, but CBD gummies may not be the best choice for quick effects.