CBD Gift Guide: A Healthy Way to Celebrate

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The countdown to the holidays is yet to start, but it will definitely hit before you know it. Therefore, it’s best to brainstorm new ideas for thoughtful and unique presents as soon as you can. Of course, you don’t want to find yourself scrambling and walking in super crowded stores just to get your loved ones something at the last minute.

Gift shopping can be a stressful task for all of us. Apparently, it’s our second time to celebrate the season amidst the pandemic, and it won’t be the same as the ones we had before. But that’s the point of gift-giving! In these times of illness, isolation and fear, now more than ever is the best time to show our family and friends some TLC, even from afar. Most of us are probably desperate for things that might help us feel safe and sane. Perhaps the best thing to give ourselves and our loved ones is the gift of wellness. That’s where CBD comes in!

CBD might just be a wonderful way to let someone know how much you care about their health and wellbeing – a perfect treat for newbies and novices alike. So, if you know someone who’d wish to see CBD in their Christmas stockings, look no further. We’ve created a CBD gift guide to help you find the best CBD products to include in your gift lists this year. However, before you browse through your options, it’s wise to first get a sense of what CBD is and how it might be a game-changer in the gift-giving scene.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound that can be found in many cannabis plant varieties. Cannabis is composed of two major compounds. Namely, they are CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter is infamous for being responsible for the psychoactive effects, such as the “high”. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, so it won’t make you high. Instead, CBD is thought to offer some promising effects to the body. In fact. Numerous studies suggest this natural ingredient might be useful in managing different health issues, from pain and anxiety to acne, inflammation, and insomnia.

Now that you have a slightly better understanding of what cannabidiol is, it’s time for some exciting CBD gift shopping spree! We’ve done the hard part of shopping to make it easier for you. So, sit back, relax, play some relaxing holiday tunes, and browse through this well-curated list of our favourite CBD products.

CBD Coffees and Teas

If someone so dear to you can’t possibly start a day without a nice cup of coffee or tea, then a gift box full of tempting CBD-infused coffee and tea would be a perfect surprise. Coffee and tea, alone, are known to make us feel alive and alert throughout the day. But if your friends are up for some extra boost, adding water-soluble CBD to their daily coffee- or tea-break routine can definitely make it even more pleasant and refreshing. Since CBD is thought to have natural calming properties, which can make you a little drowsy, combining CBD and coffee kind of balances everything out. In this case, your loved one can feel a sense of calm while still being alert and ready to start the day right.


For a workaholic mate who’s always swamped with work, CBD oil therapy is a perfect way to gift them a much-needed break. Whether it’s a massage oil or a tincture, CBD may help make their workdays much lighter. CBD is touted to encourage your body to slow down and transition into a state of rest, helping to ease pain, inflammation and other discomforts. CBD oil tinctures are available in different flavours, such as mint, citrus, berries and more, in order to mask the earthy taste of CBD. So, why don’t you share with everyone this bottle of wellness and happiness this holiday season?

CBD Gummies

In case you’re looking for a healthy and tasty treat for someone with a sweet tooth, then you should include the best CBD gummies in your checklist. A jar of these gummy sweet treats comes packed with nutritious CBD extracts and natural sweeteners – such a guilt-free option for your friends who might be on a diet. You can also find certified organic and gluten-free CBD gummies in the market, which your vegan friends will surely love.

CBD Bath Bombs

It’s time to spread some sisterly love! Does your sister usually spend a lot of time in the bathroom? Well, she’ll stay much longer if you send her a soothing CBD bath experience. It’s no brainer to anticipate the extreme warmth and comfort that CBD bath bombs can create. CBD bath bombs contain natural essential oils and fragrances to help put your mind, body, skin and soul at ease. They’re fun and colourful, too, so your sister can certainly enjoy every minute of immersing herself in a nice CBD bath. It gets even more relaxing if she listens to some soft music and lines the tub with some aromatherapy candles – infused with CBD, of course.

CBD Topicals

For someone dealing with acne problems or muscle pains, there are many different types of CBD topicals to help manage their concerns. You may bless their skin with CBD skin-care essentials, such as creams, serums, sheet masks and more. CBD is reportedly beneficial for acne breakouts, as it helps control our skin’s oil (sebum) production. As with muscle pain, CBD comes in balms or massage gels for localised pain management.

Homemade CBD Sweet Treats

Your loved ones will surely appreciate any present that comes from you – how much more if you make it yourself? It seems you really put so much effort into making something delicious and nutritious just for them, and that’s what truly matters. CBD is so versatile that you can simply add it to just anything. If you love to bake, you can easily make your own CBD cupcakes or brownies. Any sweet confections to serve for Christmas dinner will do!

Final Thoughts

No matter what you give your loved ones this holiday season, remember it’s the thought that counts. The more attention and care you put into your gifts, the more chance you’ll find something that delights your favourite people. Don’t forget to make CBD an essential part of everybody’s celebration.

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