How CBD Might Help with Your Dog’s Pain or Anxiety

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CBD offers a wide range of benefits for your dog’s health, including potentially reducing pain and anxiety. If your dog is suffering from chronic pain or if they often seem anxious, CBD may be a better option than traditional medications.

Here’s what you need to know about giving your dog CBD for pain or anxiety and how to choose the best CBD oil for your dog’s needs.

CBD Dog Anxiety

CBD for Dog Pain

CBD offers a wide range of benefits for both people and our canine companions. Pain relief is among the most notable benefit of CBD oil. CBD seems to be especially effective for improving pain associated with conditions of the joint like hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and arthritis.

However, it offers generalized anti-inflammatory and pain relief that can be useful for pain coming from a wide variety of sources. Many people have found CBD to be effective at relieving pain for dogs who are suffering from diseases like cancer or recovering from surgery.

CBD is a desirable treatment for a variety of chronic conditions since it doesn’t come with the side effects that many other pain-relieving medications can have. Medication prescribed for chronic pain like gabapentin and carprofen are generally considered to be fairly safe, but they can have side effects and result in negative medical outcomes for some dogs, especially when used over an extended time period.

By contrast, CBD appears to have very few negative effects even when used over a very long period. Also, CBD has other benefits such as improving skin and relieving the anxiety that can make it a single supplement treatment for a variety of issues that may be especially effective for the aging dog or dogs suffering from chronic health problems.

CBD for Dog Anxiety

According to some estimates, over 70% of dogs express some level of anxiety. Some types of anxiety can cause serious issues like destructiveness, attempts to escape, or aggression.

It should come as no surprise that many people are seeking out solutions for their dog’s anxiety. Treating anxiety with traditional medications can be difficult. Frequently, the medications that are prescribed such as Trazodone or Gabapentin work more by sedating a pet than by actually alleviating the anxiety.

Many people find that giving dogs CBD seems to notably decrease their anxiety. Some dogs respond best to receiving CBD doses regularly for an extended time and begin to show effects after several weeks of treatment.

Other dogs seem to experience reduce anxiety within hours of treatment, which means that CBD can be effective for isolated occurrences of anxiety such as thunderstorms or separation anxiety as well as being useful for generalized anxiety.

Since CBD is considered safer than many other traditional treatments for anxiety, and since it can have benefits for your pet’s health otherwise, like reducing pain and improving skin, many people consider CBD to be an excellent option for reducing their dog’s anxiety.

Choosing CBD for Dog Pain and Anxiety

Choosing the right CBD supplement is extremely important when you want an effective treatment for your dog’s pain or anxiety. It is important to look for a quality product rather than bargain shopping.

Everything from the source to the extraction process is important in choosing a quality CBD oil. Whether you are shopping for CBD for yourself or your dog, you need to choose a quality option. However, when shopping for your dog, there are some factors that are more important than they may be when shopping for people. Here are some key characteristics to look for:

  • Low-THC. Choose a CBD oil that guarantees less than .3% THC. Dogs respond poorly to THC and respond very differently than people do, so it may be more important for your dog’s CBD to have low THC than it is for people’s CBD.
  • Full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oil benefits from an entourage effect, which can make it more effective for both the treatment of anxiety and pain relief than CBD oil that is not full spectrum.
  • Third-party tested. You need to know that the CBD oil that you choose is pure, effective, and safe, so choose a product that has been third-party tested.
  • Organic. Hemp is very prone to drawing undesirable heavy metals, pesticides, etc, from the soil, so it is extremely important to choose an organic source that is free from these types of contaminants.

Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog’s Anxiety or Pain

A very high-quality CBD oil can make a dramatic difference in your dog’s life, whether they suffer from pain, anxiety, or both. It can be a superb alternative to traditional medications which may have undesirable side effects. Choose a quality CBD oil from InnovetPet so you can be confident it will have a very low level of THC, be full-spectrum, be organic, and be third-party tested.

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