How to Use CBD Concentrates in Your Wax Vaporizer

If you’ve read anything about how CBD oil is made, you know that there are several steps involved in getting the oil from the farm to the bottle. First, the hemp plant material is put through a CO2 extraction machine to draw out its raw resins and essential oils. Next, the raw CBD oil is put through additional filtering and purification before being diluted to its final strength and bottled. The resulting bottle of CBD oil contains the amount of CBD listed on the bottle, but most of what’s in the bottle is actually a carrier oil such as MCT oil or olive oil. You’ll have to consume a significant amount of carrier oil, in other words, to get a significant amount of CBD into your system. Even then, it’ll still be a while before your body actually begins to use some of the CBD because anything not absorbed by your sublingual artery will need to be absorbed by your digestive system.

What if you could skip the carrier oils and use a much more powerful and concentrated form of CBD instead? What if you could get the CBD into your system almost instantly? Those are the reasons why CBD concentrates exist, and in this article, we’re going to explain how to use them.

What Are CBD Concentrates?

A CBD concentrate is an extremely thick and viscous oil that often comes packed in a glass or plastic syringe for easy dispensing. The oil may be a raw extract direct from the plant, or it may undergo some filtering to remove impurities and improve the flavor. Some companies even manufacture CBD concentrates made from single plant strains, so the resulting concentrates take on the unique terpene profiles of those strains. Single-origin CBD concentrates are of special interest to people who value specific terpenes for their unique flavors or for the benefits they provide. Several terpenes, for example, are thought to produce relaxing effects or reduce inflammation. That’s why they’re used in aromatherapy. Many people believe that you can only get the maximum effect from CBD when you use it along with complementary terpenes.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Concentrates?

The first benefit of CBD concentrates is that they are extremely potent. A single one-gram vial may contain upwards of 650 mg of CBD, so one rice-sized dab will contain about as much CBD as an entire dropper of CBD oil. The second benefit is that your body will actually use more of the CBD you consume if you consume it by vaping. The bioavailability of oral CBD oil is only about 13-19 percent due to the first-pass metabolism of the liver. When you consume any active compound orally, your liver metabolizes a portion of the compound before it reaches your bloodstream. When you inhale CBD, on the other hand, it enters your bloodstream directly through the lungs and skips the first-pass metabolism of the liver entirely. You’ll absorb more CBD, in other words, while using less product.

The final benefit of using CBD concentrates is that when you vape CBD, the compound enters your system within seconds because the lungs are a direct route into the bloodstream. Have you ever been a smoker? If you have, you know that you can you can feel the nicotine acting on your body almost instantly. That’s because you’re inhaling the nicotine. The same is true when you inhale CBD.

How to Use CBD Concentrates in a Wax Vaporizer

To vape CBD concentrates, you need a vaporizer capable of using thick waxes and oils. The atomizer of a wax vaporizer typically looks like this:

CBD Concentrate in Wax Vaporizer

You’ll also need a dab tool. A dab tool is a small metal tool – often with a spoon shape at one end – that makes it easier for you to work with thick oils. Many wax vaporizers and vials of CBD concentrate include dab tools for your convenience.

To begin, you’ll remove the cap of your vaporizer to expose the atomizer coil and wick. Take a rice-sized dab of CBD concentrate with the dab tool and place it over your vaporizer’s atomizer coil. Some wax vaporizers have automatic preheating functions, but most have manual fire buttons. Tap the fire button a few times, holding it down briefly each time. The button tapping warms the vape pen’s atomizer coil, liquifying the CBD concentrate and getting it soaked into the wick.

Once your vape pen’s wick is fully saturated with the CBD concentrate, hold the activation button and inhale deeply from the mouthpiece. Hold the vapor in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling it. If you hold the vapor in your lungs long enough, you may not see any visible vapor when you exhale; you’ll have absorbed almost all of the CBD through your lungs.

Continue vaping until your device’s vapor production begins to decrease. At that point, you can remove the device’s mouthpiece and reclaim any CBD concentrate that may have fallen to the bottom of the atomizer chamber. Use your dab tool to scrape away the resin from the bottom of the chamber and place the resin back on the atomizer coil.

We suggest waiting at least a half hour before vaping again. CBD concentrate is much more potent than the CBD oil that you may currently be using, and once you find the dose of CBD that’s therapeutic for you, you probably won’t notice any additional benefit from using more.

You Can Also Ingest CBD Concentrates

Are you in too much of a hurry to use your vape pen? You can also use a CBD concentrate by ingesting it directly. While ingesting CBD concentrate means that you won’t enjoy the faster absorption and higher bioavailability that you get from vaping, it’s still a very powerful dose of CBD. Take the same rice-sized portion that you would use when vaping and place it under your tongue. Hold it there for several seconds before swallowing it. Some of the CBD will absorb through your sublingual artery, and the rest will enter your bloodstream later when it’s processed by your digestive system.

Author: Jason Artman

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