Cannabis Smoking: Safety Guide for First Timers

The legal status of cannabis has made it an alluring prospect for Americans of all age groups. But the thought of your first stint with cannabis consumption is sure to make you feel excited and apprehensive at the same time. You will want the experience to be an enjoyable one, but safety should also be on the top of your mind. Thankfully, you need not worry much because a little care and lots of awareness are enough to keep you on the safe side. Here is a safety guide that first-time weed smokers can rely on.

Begin with realistic expectations

Your expectations matter a lot when you just start because you will want nothing short of a thrilling first experience. But it always makes sense to have realistic expectations for the first time. While there are good chances you may get high, the possibility of not feeling that way is also a reality. It could happen if you pick the wrong product or take a low dose. Moreover, your anatomy and tolerance level has a role to play. Realistic expectations also keep you on track in terms of listening to your body and understanding when it is time to pause.

Start low and slow

The thumb rule for cannabis safety for beginners is to start low and slow. You must also know when to take a break. Seek advice on dosage from a seasoned budtender or an experienced friend and start with the lowest possible. It is always better to stick to a minimum and gradually increase the quantities as you understand your personal tolerance and get comfortable with consuming it.

Pick quality products from a reputed seller

Another tip for safety-conscious beginners is to pick only quality products from a reputed seller. Thankfully, there is no shortage of options if you live in a state where cannabis is legal. Residents of New York can easily find a credible seller for Weed delivery nyc to procure supplies of quality products. You need not worry even as a first-timer with zero experience of cannabis shopping because credible sellers will have top-notch quality for you. These products assure safety as long as you take the right precautions.

Smoke in good company

Never go solo with your initial cannabis consumption sessions. The best piece of advice for newbies is to be in good company because seasoned smokers can offer helpful guidance that comes from experience. They can recommend the optimal dosage for first-timers and also provide some handy tips on the inhalation technique. Even if you get high, your friends can help you.

Focus on hydration

Good hydration is imperative for safe experiences, and you need to prioritize it as a beginner. It saves you from the dry and dehydrated feeling, which users refer to as cottonmouth. Have plenty of water as you go through the session, but avoid mixing it with alcohol and alcoholic beverages because cannabis and alcohol make a hard-to-handle combination. You can drink soda or fruit juice to stay hydrated.

Your first session with cannabis should be the safest one. It may sound daunting, but following these simple tips and hacks can definitely help you have a safe and enjoyable one.

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