Cannabis drugs are highly sought after nowadays due to their medical benefits. One of the most common forms sold in the market is the cannabis buds. However, they are only provided with a very low dosage and are only intended to alleviate minor pains. Those who need a higher dose can opt to get cannabis concentrates made by extraction companies as long as the recommendation has been prescribed by a medical professional. If you feel that your regular dosage needs to be increased to best serve your health concerns, you might want to consider shifting to cannabis concentrates.

General information

Cannabis concentrates are produced through various extraction processes that leave the plant devoid of other content aside from terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes are natural compounds primarily responsible for cannabis’ flavor, smell, and coloring. Meanwhile, the cannabinoid is a psychoactive ingredient that influences the immune system and the central nervous system. When all that is left are these compounds, the end-product can quickly provide relief to the person consuming it.

Concentrates come in many forms, depending on the kind of solvent used and the extraction process.  Concentrates are explicitly derived from trichomes to get the most amount of terpenes and cannabinoids. Trichomes are found on the cannabis’ flower buds and contain all the essential components that make this flower useful for pain alleviation. The quality of the concentrate is highly dependent on the trichome head that is harvested.

Easy production method

One of the simplest forms of cannabis concentrates is called kief. The trichomes derived from kief are done through filtering. Because of its simple extraction process, the concentration obtained from this process ranges only between 20-60%, making it lower than all the other procedures. Another simple method of extracting compounds from trichomes is dry sifting. Unlike ordinary filtering, it can get more gland heads by sifting away the plant matter and the gland stems, which gets in the way of the trichomes.

The third simplest method of extracting is called rosin. Rosin can be made at home because it does not use solvents, but commercially-extracted products are derived from a hydraulic press. The outcome of this extraction is a golden and oil-like concentrate. Due to this unique processing technique that does not require a solvent, it gets more terpenes compounds than most. Products with a higher content of terpenes are more enticing for others because of its aromatic smell.

Specialized extraction types

For higher quality production, ice water extraction is one of the most natural methods used by small-scale extraction companies. The result of this process is what is commonly called hash cannabis. Ice water or other solvents like ethanol are used to get the cannabinoid and terpenes on the trichome. Once isolated, the trichome heads are dried so that they can be ready for melting. Drying is the most crucial process in the extraction procedure since it prevents the buildup of microbes that are highly dangerous to the body if inhaled.

Meanwhile, large-scale producers of extracts make use of the butane hash oil as its primary solvent. The end product of this mechanism can derive 80-90% of the cannabinoid content, making the most effective extraction process. Butane hash oil extraction uses a closed-loop system that effectively traps the needed compounds. The machinery used for this technique utilizes a vacuum to ensure that the whole procedure will not leave any trace of the solvent. Furthermore, the low-level heat emitted from the oven retains all the aromatic goodness and psychoactive ingredients in cannabis. Since the equipment used for this method needs to be government-approved, the product is also safer than most concentrates. Its resulting products also go through a series of purging to eliminate other poisonous components.

Considerations in buying concentrates

Buying cannabis concentrate is not legal in all cities in the US. To legally procure cannabis concentrate, one has to have a prescription from an authorized medical professional. Before buying any product, check if your cannabis concentrate has a stamp of approval from the FDA to ensure that it is safe to take.

Cannabis products have become essentials for many individuals suffering from pain. It is often given in small doses, but ingesting concentrates is a viable alternative for those who need further alleviation from their physical suffering. There are different kinds of concentrates offered by reputable companies. The extraction process used is the basis for its differentiation. Regardless of what others might say, legally buying cannabis drugs is still the best choice for many since commercially-produced products are generally safer than most.