Buying Weed in Canada? Here’s What You Need to Know

Canadian government legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana in 2018. It gave adults the freedom to buy, sell and share up to 30 grams, or slightly over an ounce, of dried cannabis at one time — sufficient enough to roll about 60 joints. It’s been more than two years and there’s still a huge demand for cannabis in Canada.

Since it is allowed to cultivate cannabis, many users prefer to grow their own cannabis plants. To grow it at home, you either need a clone or a seed. Expert growers prefer seeds as they form a taproot that binds the plant in the soil, assuring a healthy plant.

Moreover, there are many options available for seeds compared to clones. As the Canadian government set many official shops to sell cannabis, it’s very easy to find a store and buy your preferred strain seeds. Those who live far away and want to purchase seeds can order a package online from a trustworthy source. Here’s everything you should know if you’re interested in buying cannabis in Canada!

Buying Cannabis Seeds In Canada

You can buy weed seeds in Canada in two ways: medically or recreationally. Anybody of legal age who requires marijuana for healing purposes must be enrolled with the Canadian government under ACMPR, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. They can do this with the help of a healthcare practitioner.

Those who want to use maryjane recreationally can buy the seeds from a store nearby or online, depending on the province or region.

People mostly prefer to go to their nearby dispensaries to purchase their seeds. However, ordering seeds online from seed banks is always a better option as they have more strain variety and exciting offers for buyers.

Here are some places to buy weed seeds in Canada:


As we mentioned above, there are many government-approved cannabis shops in Canada. Buying marijuana seeds at dispensaries is very easy, even for a beginner. However, you get fewer options to choose from when you buy from a dispensary.

If you want to buy cannabis LEGALLY, you need to purchase cannabis seeds from government-authorized retailers or federally licensed breeders when this option is not available.

Many dispensaries request customers to show ID when entering to check the legal age. Some ask first-time customers to fill out a questionnaire about their health or consult with a physician or nurse personally or online to get a dispensary membership.

The staff members will provide you sufficient information on the strains they’re selling, but please remember that many dispensaries focus only on selling buds. It’s always a good idea to call first and confirm with staff to see if they know about seeds and provide you specific information.

How About Online Ordering?

While the idea of buying cannabis seeds online is scary for beginners, it is necessary for buyers to get their seeds from reputable sources.

All Canadian provinces and territories have online shops where people of legal age can buy weed seeds. The site is either operated privately or by the provincial or territorial authority.

Online MOMs – Mail-Order-Marijuana

If you search for online Mail-Order-Marijuana stores, there’ll be dozens of them who claim to be the best. However, you should not trust a random seller and confirm the reliability of the source first.

There are many legit online dispensaries in Canada. However, few sites are unlicensed and illegal. This indicates that there’s no ideal way to test the quality of the products in your cart. Thus, be careful when you order your cannabis seeds from MOM!

Online Seed Banks

After full legalization, the online market for cannabis started expanding rapidly. You would notice hundreds of cannabis sellers online. You must understand that there are three major sections of online cannabis seed banks: seed breeders, seed brands, and seed resellers.

The main focus of seed breeders is on the cultivation methods, which involves growing new strains and polish their current genetics as much as they can. Then, they sell their stocks via 3rd parties like seed resellers. If you want to order weed seeds in bulk, you can go for seed breeders.

Cannabis seed brands are the ones whom we usually call ‘online seed banks.’ They specialize in dealing with cannabis seeds to individual customers. A reputable seed bank offers customer guarantees, extensive shipping scale (most of them ship globally), massive collection, responsive customer service, and huge discounts and promotions. Overall, they focus on customer satisfaction and making their shopping experience better.

Although many seed banks promote themselves as the best, not all of them meet everyone’s expectations. So, you should watch out and buy from a trustworthy brand.

Cannabis seed resellers are similar to shopping malls. They are like mediators as they stock hundreds of weed strains from different growers and companies. This type of seed bank used to be everyone’s favorite a few years ago, but these days online cannabis seed banks are way more popular.

It’s better to order cannabis seeds from seed banks and avoid this type of mediator. When buying from a reputable seed bank, you can be sure you will get the product you paid for.


Before you order legal marijuana seeds online, make sure to check your province’s laws regarding purchasing and possessing cannabis. Every region has somewhat different rules dictating how to buy cannabis seeds online in Canada.

What About Cannabis Edibles and Cannabis-related Products?

Cannabis edibles, including soft chews, chocolates, candies, and baked treats, are really picking up in Canada. And it’s obvious to guess why. Edibles merge two elements every Canadian doper loves: cannabis and desserts. They satisfy your hunger while giving you munchies.

Edibles are available in two variants: THC-infused and CBD-infused. You can buy them locally or through online cannabis stores that offer a great variety at affordable rates. Moreover, you can make edibles at home if you love to brew your own weed.

There’s been a surge in the market of cannabis-related accessories with many innovative products of cannabis such as vaporizers, oil infusers, smoke kits, CBD-infused beauty products, and many more.

If you like toking up regularly and love to explore the world of cannabis, there’s a wide range of products online. Moreover, you can visit a cannabis store near you and test the products yourself. So, do your analysis and try the things that excite you more.

Summing Up

Every Canadian province has a website committed to its own particular cannabis rules and regulations. Please read them carefully before you buy anything related to cannabis in Canada.

If you’re returning home from Canada and thinking of bringing it back home, beware! You are NOT allowed to carry marijuana from Canada to the United States or some other nation. It’s the case even if you reside in a state such as California, where recreational cannabis is legal. Doing so might put you at great risk.

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