A Guide to Buying Your First Vape for Cannabis

There are lots of different ways you can consume cannabis. For years people have been smoking joints, bongs, or ingesting edibles laced with weed, but the most recent craze that looks like it is here to stay is by vaping cannabis products with a vaporizer. Vaping seems to be popular all over the world these days, with the majority of people using vaping devices to consume nicotine products. However, others vape cannabis products instead.

With so many different vaping products on the market, purchasing one can cause a lot of confusion. With thousands of options available, it’s hard to know where to start. Top-quality vaping devices can cost a lot of money too, so making sure you find a vaporizer that you like is important.

Should I buy a Desktop Vaporizer?

If you spend most of your time-consuming cannabis on the go, avoid spending a mini fortune on a desktop vaporizer. However, if you are a person who smokes weed from home, then a desktop vaporizer might be right up your alley! If you didn’t plan on spending a lot of money on a vaping device, keep in mind that good desktop vaporizers don’t come cheap. You can easily bring desktop vaporizers around the house, but they are not ideal to travel with.

Unlike a lot of portable vaporizers, desktop devices are easy to use. Most have large buttons and screens so you can easily see what you are doing. A lot of desktop vaporizers on the market are easily cleaned. Some portable vapes out there are hard to maintain, but that isn’t the case with most desktop devices. The control levels seem much more accurate on desktop vapes in comparison to portable ones. This is very important when vaping any product, especially cannabis. Not everyone wants to take a big hit, so being able to accurately change the level of the device is vital.

Do you Prefer to Smoke Flowers or Concentrates?

The big question you need to ask yourself before you spend any of your hard-earned money is do you want to buy a vape to consume dry herbs or oils and waxes? Although there are a lot of vaporizers available that accommodate both, others are specifically designed to vape flowers, while others are designed to consume concentrates.

The advantage of vaping dry herbs is that you are spoilt for choice. Most well-stocked cannabis dispensaries have a wide range of different strains for sale. However, CBD oil and THC oil are growing in popularity too. It seems that there are more and more CBD oils and THC oils appearing on the market every day.

The main reason why lots of people vape oils are because it gives the user a much more potent hit. Flowers only have approximately ten to thirty percent concentrated THC. With different concentrates you can get up to ninety-five per cent concentrated THC. You don’t have to add a lot of medicine into the chamber of the vaporizer to get high. For those who use cannabis to treat medical conditions, vaping concentrates might be their best option. A lot of people, especially those who suffer from chronic pain often use vaporizers with oils or other concentrates to get an immediate hit.

Where can you buy Vaporizers, Cannabis & Oils during the Pandemic?

Due to demand, there are lots of places where you can purchase all these products. During these unprecedented times, people have been asking “where to buy weed online” and where they can get vaporizers without having to leave the house. Luckily, there are a lot of online dispensaries and online vape stores that will deliver cannabis products and vaporizers to your door in areas where cannabis is legalized. However, even where cannabis is still illegal you can still purchase vaping devices, even if they are used to consume weed products. It’s only illegal when you add marijuana products to it.

Most online stores that sell vaporizers publish a lot of details on each of the products they have for sale. Before buying a device online, check out other people’s reviews first. Avoid reading feedback from staff members who work in a pet shop that sells vapes. Instead, searching for honest reviews written by people who have bought the device you are thinking about buying can help you decide whether or not the product is right for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to make contact with the store.

Avoid buying Cheap Vaporizers

Because vaping is so popular, there are lots of different devices available ranging from around $50 to $1,000. Before you go shopping for a vape, consider how much you want to spend first. Some top-of-the-range devices, especially some of the slick-looking desktop models can burn a big hole in your wallet, so setting a budget and sticking to it will help you avoid going over the top, especially if it is your first vape. You can spend a lot of money on a device you rarely use, so consider starting with a nice portable device instead.

However, you don’t want to be too cheap either. There is a wide range of low-quality vaping devices available, both online and in physical vape stores and dispensaries. These are often made from cheap, flimsy plastic and if you were to drop it on a hard surface the chances of it surviving are slim. However, if you are on a very tight budget but you are adamant that you want to purchase a vaporizer, consider buying a concentrate pen. For less than $100 you can pick one up that includes a battery and a cartridge.

What should you look out for?

A lot of vaping devices have a heating element called a coil that will need to be replaced now and again. Before you buy a vaporizer from a physical store, ask the staff members if they have spare coils for sale. Most models only allow you to use specific coils for each device, so if they don’t have spares for sale, you might be forced to purchase the coils online. Also, check to see how much the coils cost. Some coils are rather expensive, and if you frequently vape cannabis products, it could cost you a lot of cash to replace them frequently.

Some vapes have built-in batteries while others have a rechargeable battery that you can take out of the device. It seems like every device these days needs to be charged, and unfortunately, vapes are no different. Most people prefer vapes that allow them to remove the battery. You can buy an external charger that can charge multiple batteries at one time. One of the main issues that people have when it comes to vaping is that the batteries often run out of juice quickly. Having several batteries fully charged while out and about will reduce the chances of your device running low on power.

Avoid buying vape pens with light glass. Some vaporizers use glass that tends to break easily. Although a lot of devices come with spare parts including the glass, if that breaks finding a replacement is not easy. Without the glass, your vape won’t function. There are plenty of vaping units that are durable and don’t use any glass whatsoever.

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