Before we talk about that, let’s start by explaining:

What is a Glass Pipe?

A glass pipe is a sophisticated looking cigar-like structure that we would see a rich man often smoking in old Hollywood movies. And, while they come in a variety of materials such as metal, glass, corn cob, as well as certain wood types,

Depending on the make and the brand, they can come in a variety of shapes and types. Different ones may be suited for smoking different products. Each one will have various benefits/advantages.

Common Glass Pipe Types

  1. Chillums

Chillums are shaped much like a tube. Chillum smoking is seen as a rather primitive style of smoking. It’s probably because many indigenous cultures used hollow reeds for smoking purposes. The way you use a chillum is by simply packing the dry herbs on one end of the pipe and inhaling from the other.

Generally, they are smaller in size. Their simplicity is their winning highlight. That also means chillums can only take a limited amount of herbs. They lack most modern features like carburetors that preserve the flavor, so it doesn’t taste stale.

  1. Spoon pipes

These are a level up from chillums in the sense that they come with an added bowl on one end for depositing herbs. In terms of styling, they both look pretty much the same as chillum. Unlike chillums, spoon pipes come with a carburetor, which is basically a tiny hole in the tube. There’s a slight complexity to smoking a spoon pipe. You need to cover the hole with a finger before you could draw the air in and uncovering it right as you’re about to inhale. The idea is to facilitate fresh air for a better smoking experience.

  1. Sherlock pipes

The pipe gets its name from the iconic character of Sherlock Holmes, who is often depicted smoking it. Sherlock pipes, therefore, have a distinct feel to them. On one end, you get a bowl to hold the product to which you apply the heat. Then you have the stem through which heat travels before reaching the mouthpiece. These babies are often perceived as ‘cool.’ At times you may find them with carburetors. It’s not a rule, though.

  1. Bubblers

You can think of bubblers as a mix of bong and glass pipe. The reason they are called bubblers is that they use water just like a bong does. The water does the act of purifying the smoke before diffusing it and creating bubbles. As a result, you get smooth flavors that are devoid of harmful substances, tones, and elements. You can put both icy cold and hot water. Accordingly, the flavor and the entire experience will vary.

  1. Steamrollers

This one is the most complicated kind of pipe. These come with a bowl and a tube. On both ends, there’s an opening. The opening near the bowl acts as a carburetor. Depending on the style, you may also get an added chamber that further cools down the smoke. Steamrollers are for those who crave fast and powerful hits. It’s because of this that beginners should not use them.

What to Look for in a Good Glass Pipe?

Type of glass used

Typically companies use borosilicate for making glass pipes. This is an engineered form of glass that can endure high temperatures. It can handle a variety of chemicals without cracking or affecting its quality.

When you’re shopping for your first glass pipe, be sure to look for ‘borosilicate glass’ on the label. Make sure it also says ‘scientific glass’ or ‘lab-quality glass. If these descriptions are missing from the label, chances are the glass is low-quality. You can go with other glass types too, but know that they might not last very long. Often other materials are prone to overheating, cracking, and are easily breakable.

Pipe style

We already established that different styles serve different purposes. Depending on the kind of material you

want to smoke along with what type of smoke you expect (cold or hot), you will have to pick a style accordingly. Educate yourself about the role of the bowl before you finalize a purchase. Based on your personal preference, different styles may be better suited for you than others.


This depends on the size of the bowl. Whether you want to enjoy a more extended session or just a one-hitter, pick a bowl size that does the job right.


Of course, a quality glass pipe made from borosilicate material might cost a little more than pipes made out of other materials. If you have a low budget, you can go with other materials too, especially if you don’t intend to use it for a long time.

Best Pipes to Choose –

#1 – 6” Helix Spoon from Grav Labs

This baby from Big Daddy Smoke measures six inches from end to end. This is a winning product from Grav Labs. The design is such that it encourages big, bold, and flavorful hits. It is quite a sturdy product meant for stability.

#2 – Marley Glass Bubbler

This is made from quality glass and walnut wood. It’s unlike any other product you will see in the market. Some of the highlights of this product are a medium-sized bowl, a reservoir for water, and a side carburetor.

#3 – 8” Helix Glass Pipe 

This pipe will give you smooth hits. Therefore, it’s ideal for beginners. The chamber of this pipe comes with strategically placed microholes that cool down the air, so you get flavorful hits.

#4 – Green Ooze Cryo Pipe

This is a unique looking product, and it’s fun too. Made from quality material, this glass pipe measures around 3.7 inches. The striking green color is the winning highlight, and it’s fully freezable as well. This super sturdy glass can easily withstand high temperatures without breaking. And, the whole unique design is just icing on the cake.

Final thoughts

Pipes are definitely fun. But, you need to pick the right product from the get-go so you can start on the right foot. A bad first-time experience can spoil the tone of all future experiences. Good luck!