If you enjoy having smoking sessions, you may want to try the different tools that come with the thrill. There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to water pipes, but most of them are glass-made and quite expensive.

Is there an alternative? Yes, and it’s available on the Waxmaid website. It’s an enterprise that has invented a way to make water pipes cheap. There is also a wide variety to choose from, and the prices are shockingly affordable.

Are they durable too? Yes, they are, and you can verify that from this review or the customer reviews on the website. Here are four water pipe products that Waxmaid offers, and apart from not hurting your pocket, there is faster delivery.

Waxmaid Cheap Water Pipes That You Can Buy Online

Silicone Glass Mini Bubbler

Silicone Glass Mini Bubbler

The first one on the list is a Waxmaid silicone glass mini bubbler, one of the small water pipes you would love to have. It’s a combination of glass and platinum-cured silicone, making the water pipe with the prior composing the middle part.

At the top, the silicone is shaped to give you an ergonomic mouthpiece and a downstem where you can fix a glass bowl for the flowers or a nicely rolled joint. Between the mouthpiece and the downstem opening, there is a small loop.

A ring with a lanyard is attached to it, which helps keep the mini bubbler secure. As you smoke, the ring and loop are what you will be pressing for better air inflow. The downstem leads to the bottom, where there are small percolator holes near the base.

Filling in water is easy since the silicone is easily removable from the glass. The ease of removal is also suitable here when cleaning the water pipe. What we love about it is that despite being cheap, it’s also slightly above three inches.

So, it’s a portable water pipe that you would love to take any time outdoors. It’s also worthy to note that it’s a patented Waxmaid design.

Quick Hit Silicone Dugout

Quick Hit Silicone Dugout

With less than $25, Waxmaid can deliver a small silicone dugout that allows you to take quick hits most conveniently. It’s 2.48 inches tall, which makes it the perfect pocket-sized smoking tool you can possess.

The whole primary material is all platinum-cured silicone, and it’s durable enough to allow you to take hits with it. There is a key holder attached to it for security purposes. On top of the dugout is a smell-proof lid that allows you to keep your tool concealed and the herbs fresh.

The material is also damp proof and waterproof so you don’t need to worry about humid conditions. It has a chic earbuds casing design, so not many people will know what you are carrying unless they recognize the Waxmaid offers.

The thin hollow tube on the side possesses a titanium tip for smoking purposes, and you don’t get a metallic smell. It’s hooked to a ceramic mouthpiece at the top, which will never get hot while you puff.

Also included is a cleaning brush for the titanium tip. The rod is stainless steel, while bristles are all nylon, which will keep the tip clean after use. The keyholder can accommodate the small brush, thanks to the ring on one of its ends.

Mini Horn Silicone Glass Bubbler

Mini Horn Silicone Glass Bubbler

Waxmaid also has a miniature version of the horn glass bubbler hence the inclusion of the name mini. Here, you get a combination of glass and silicone where the latter protects the prior from breakage.

The shape is excellent while in use, and the glass allows you to see everything from the structure to the smoke cooling off before reaching you. The silicone here is certified as food-safe by the FDA, making it healthy to use.

It’s also flexible to allow the insertion and removal of the glass part. It also composes the downstem, which leads to the glass bowl opening. The presence of silicone as the outer material helps in protecting the glass against breakage.

The glass bowl in use is a 14mm male type, and it will hold the flowers or oils for you as you take the hits. Once you fill the glass chamber with water, the smoke will be moving up in rigs as it cools off.

Due to the smallness, it serves as another ideal smoking tool to accompany you during travel or outdoor leisure.

Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe

Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe

Lastly, a water bottle pipe here allows you to smoke anywhere (literally) as long as you have a bottle in your midst. Its neck has a diameter range of between 19mm and 39mm. That is where most bottle openings range, so you are not short of variety here.

The design is ergonomic and straightforward at the same time. The top contains the mouthpiece, while the middle has a hollow space to accommodate the 14mm glass bowl. The bottom part has another open space to fix the downstem.

The tubes for that purpose are joined to form a longer downstem depending on the bottle’s size. It’s all platinum-cured silicone apart from the glass bowl, and that’s why it’s easy to pack it and go.

Waxmaid owns the design that allows you to use water, beer, and wine bottles. As long as the diameter is within what the water bottle pipe can utilize, you are good to go. Since the material is all silicone, you can wash it with soap and water, use the dishwasher, or boil.


The above products give you the evidence you need to prove Waxmaid has the water pipes you need. The material is durable hence the affordable prices on the tags. Do you need one quickly? You can order one this October, and it will take 2-3 business days.

There is a wider variety, and you will be amazed by the designs. So, apart from being cheap, there is also innovation at play. A better view is available on the website, and that’s where you order the one you need.