How to Buy Cannabis Online

The recent legalization of cannabis in many states of the USA, starting with California just a few years ago, means that you might live somewhere that allows you to smoke your weed without fear of the law. There are different laws for different states – and in a few examples, even for different cities within certain states – so it is important that you check out the law where you are before you buy your cannabis. We’ll talk about where and how to buy it legally in a moment, but to begin with, a bit about how the law has changed, and why.

Cannabis has been smoked in the USA for a long time, and was popularized by immigrant communities in the early part of the 20th century. In many ways, it was the continued use by Mexicans working in the southern states of the USA back then that brought about prohibition of marijuana. Over the years, ridiculously long sentences were given for the possession of even small amounts.

However, in the latter part of the last century, the medicinal properties of marijuana began to be recognized. Furthermore, the ongoing prosecution of users was costing a lot of time and money in the court system. The drive to legalize cannabis has been underway for some time, yet California was the first to pass such a law, as recently as 2016. Other states followed suit, and soon many more will also make it legal. In California, you can now grow up to six plants in your home, and have on your person up to an ounce for recreational of medical use.

Buying Cannabis Safely

So, it is now legal to buy and enjoy your marijuana, where do you go to buy it? The main advantage of legalization is that growing and cultivating marijuana is now a legitimate business, and as such you have greater choice than you did when you had to buy from the man on the street! However, choosing a shop – they must be licensed to sell legally – means looking at quite a few suppliers, so we recommend you check out this guide to the Top 10 Cannabis Shops for ideas and help. What should you look for?

First, you need to find a supplier who is open and honest about where the cannabis they sell comes from, and what the constituent elements are. Mainly, you want to know the strain, and what THC and CBD content is in the weed you are buying. THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – is the psychoactive element in marijuana, that which gives you the high feeling. It is present in different amounts in different strains, and not at all in some. Naturally, you want a good THC content coupled with lower CBD, which is another active element but one that is not psychoactive.

Effects and Flavors

You also want to find a website that carries all the information you require about each strain they offer; what are the effects of a particular strain, for example? And what flavour will you taste when you smoke it? These should be mentioned in descriptions, and your supplier should be more than happy to tell you about their supply chain. Then, theres the quality: is the product tested for quality by a third party? Contamination has been a problem with some supplies, so you need to be sure yours is as pure as it gets.

Use the guide we recommended above, and you should be able to find a reputable cannabis shop online that can supply you with a choice of strains, so why not try something new, and without worrying about the law!

Author: Jason Artman

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