CBD has become a ground-breaking remedy for relieving certain health ailments. This natural compound is driven by the Cannabis Sativa or hemp plant and well-known for its health benefits. There are various ways of consuming CBD, in which vaping is the most effective and fast-acting one. Through this, one can easily experience the CBD benefits by getting the best CBD vape pen.

CBD vape pens are like vaporizers that resemble the shape of a pen. These are filled with CBD vape juice. By vaping, the CBD compound goes directly into the lungs. It absorbs into the bloodstream instead of passing through the digestive tract. Furthermore, vape pens offer higher bioavailability than other methods of CBD consumption.

Best CBD Vape Pens Recommended for Upcoming 2021

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of CBD, there is an array of vape pens that are easily available online. One can discover plentiful of exotic flavors with different CBD concentrations for vape pens. This has made it a bit difficult for the user to select the most suitable one amongst them. To ease this task, the following are the top three brands that offer premium CBD oil vape pen assortments.


The vape pen by the Fab CBD contains an assorted blend of high-quality ingredients to deliver the best vaping experience. It uses only the premium quality organic hemp from Colorado. You can consider this as the best cbd vape pen as it is rich in CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN. Besides, all the products from this brand are lab tested by a third party to provide quality assurance. There are no harmful chemicals, herbicides, or unnatural additives in this vape pen that makes it safe for use.


This disposable vape pen comprises 250 servings with 500mg of CBD in total. Each serving has 2mg of CBD which the user can consume in a single draw.


There are two flavors namely Calm and Active in the vape pen range by the Fab CBD. The Clam has a linalool extract along with nerol that gives the vape juice a delectable orange and floral flavor. On the other hand, the Active is rich in limonene that gives the vape juice a punch of citrus flavor.

Quality of CBD Oil Used

The broad-spectrum CBD compound present in the oil has been sourced by the C02 extraction process for ensuring purity. Due to this, the CBD oil does not contain any plant residues or harmful solvents. Furthermore, it contains MCT oil as the carrier oil. Besides, this CBD oil for anxiety is rich in terpenes and other cannabinoids as well.

Price to Performance

One can avail of the vape pen by the Fab CBD at $49.00, which is a bit expensive in the segment. The cost of CBD per mg is $0.20, and you will be getting 250mg of CBD in a single vape pen. However, if we consider the flavors and CBD dosage, this vape pen is worth every penny of it.

Additional Features

  • Contains organically grown pure hemp
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil with 0% THC
  • Non-GMO formulation
  • Delivers CDB effects up to 30-60 minutes quicker
  • Comes with a light indicator that glows and blinks at the top
  • Each serving of 2mg CBD for easy dosage

Support & Services

The shipping takes around 5-7 working days excluding the weekends and holidays. Fab CBD offers international shipping as well. There is a time limit of 30 days for refunds. Yet the cost of shipping is a non-refundable one. If the product is broken, wrong, or defective, then the company pays the shipping fees.

Our opinion

This disposable vape pen comes pre-filled with broad-spectrum CBD oil. So it contains zero levels of THC but is rich in CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. Also, the CO2 extraction process along with the lab-tested results is enough to ensure the quality and purity of the product. Furthermore, if you want to get the benefits of CBD with zero THC, then this vape pen is for you.


Vape pens by the PureKana are made using the broad-spectrum CBD compound. It provides the user with the benefits of CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes with zero levels of THC. Also, the formulation consists of the finest American hemp to ensure the quality and efficacy of the product. All the CBD products by this brand arrive with third-party lab testing results. Another factor to consider is to C02 extraction to deliver crystal-clear liquid with uniform consistency.


The CBD concentration varies in each disposable pen by PureKana. The blue Raz variant contains 185mg of CBD whereas the mind flavor has a total of 190mg CBD. On the other hand, the pineapple and blood orange variants have 195mg and 190mg of CBD respectively.


There are four exotic flavors namely blue Raz, mint, pineapple, and blood orange. All of these have different formulas such as composed, comfort, calm, and recharge. If you want to soothe your taste buds, such delectable flavors would work well for you.

Quality of CBD Oil Used

The formulation of the CBD oil comprises of broad-spectrum CBD compound driven by hemp. In addition to this, it contains MCT oil along with natural and artificial flavors. Further, the CBD oil is rich in lavender, cinnamon, and natural terpenes as well to deliver a flavorful aroma.

Price to Performance

One can get the vape pen from PureKana at $29.99 for 5ml each. Considering the price, the CBD content in each vape pen is quite satisfactory. Apart from this, the MCT formula effectively delivers higher CBD bioavailability. Additionally, the flavors are also lip-smacking to enhance the experience of CBD intake for the user.

Additional Features

  • No psychoactive effects on the user
  • Highly functional vape pens with convenient dosage system
  • Four delicious flavors with different formulas
  • Non-GMO composition
  • CBD extracts from the US-grown premium hemp
  • Contains the finest quality ingredients for better efficacy

Support & Services

PureKana offers exciting discounts on its CBD products occasionally. Other than this, it takes around 3-9 business days to deliver CBD products at your doorstep. This brand follows a 30-days return and refund policy. However, the customer has to bear the cost of shipping in case of returns/refunds.

Our Opinion

There is no denying the fact that PureKana offers the best-in-class vape pens in the segment in terms of quality. Moreover, the formulation is quite effective as it has a blend of CBD with terpenes. There are no chemicals present in the CBD oil that makes it safe for consumption. So if you crave flavorful aromas while vaping CBD, these vape pens are for you.


CBDfx offers standard as well as terpenes vape pens in the segment. The formulation comprises of broad-spectrum CBD compound with non-delectable levels of THC. Most importantly, it does not cause any sort of psychoactive or euphoric effects on the user. This brand infuses the only high-quality organic hemp extracts to enhance the CBD vape oil benefits. For eliminating the toxins from the hemp oil, this brand uses the C02 method of extraction.


Each draw-activated vape pen consists of 30mg of CBD. Besides, these vape pens are fully-chargeable. The user has to take them out from the box and start vaping. Furthermore, the terpenes vape pens arrive with a CBD concentration of 50mg in each. These are CBD disposable vape pen variants that deliver around 150 puffs each.


The vape pens by CBDfx arrive in an array of finest flavors such as fresh mind, melon cooler, and strawberry lemonade. Other than these there are also unique flavors like blue raspberry, honeydew ice, and the tropic breeze which are quite rare to find.

Apart from this, this brand also offers terpenes vape pens. You can get them in flavors such as gelato, platinum rose, sour diesel, pineapple express, OG Kush, and blue dream.

Quality of CBD Oil Used

The CBD oil filled in this vape pen contains hemp-driven CBD, other cannabinoids, along with amino and fatty acids. In addition to these, there are natural and artificial flavors in the CBD vape oil. Besides, it consists of propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerine as thinning agents.

Price to Performance

The prices differ based on CBD concentration. For the standard vape pens containing 30mg of CBD, one has to pay $19.99. However, the terpenes vape pens with 50mg of CBD would cost around $24.99. Considering the flavors along with the cannabidiol blend and CBD potency, these vape pens make up for a great deal.

Additional Features

  • Cruelty-free and non-GMO product
  • Free from solvents and chemicals
  • Comes with a verified CBD potency
  • Skilfully crafted flavors to treat the taste buds
  • Lab-tested by the third party
  • No need for recharging

Support & Services

CBDfx offers the best-in-class discounts on its CBD products in the segment. Like most other brands, it also follows a 30-days return and refund policy to facilitate its customers. However, the shipping charges do not come under the refund amount. Above all, this brand provides faster delivery of CBD products within 2-3 business days.

Our Opinion

Made using premium quality hemp oil, these vape pens are quite effective and offer high bioavailability also. Another noticeable aspect of this product is that it comes with lab testing results to provide the user with quality and purity assurance. Moreover, these vape pens are a great blend of potent CBD along with a punch of exotic flavors.

Important Factors You Must Consider Before Buying CBD Vape Pens

Quality of CBD Oil

The most important factor to consider while purchasing a vape pen is the quality of CBD oil used in it. If the quality of the CBD oil is not up to the mark, then it would compromise the efficacy of vaping. That is why opt only for the premium quality full-spectrum CBD oils for the best results. Yet one must ensure that the CBD oil is free from harmful thinning agents, and chemicals.

It would be better if the CBD compound of the oil is driven from the industrial hemp plant. Prefer those CBD oils that contain either MCT oil or vegetable glycerine as thinning agents. The addition of terpenes with other cannabinoids would enhance the efficacy of CBD oil.

CBD Concentration

The effectiveness of a vape pen is determined by its CBD concentration. It is recommendable to go for the vape pens with higher CBD concentrations as they are more potent. The ideal CBD concentration for a vape pen should be around 30-50mg at least.


When purchasing a vape pen, one should assess the ingredients present in the vape juice or CBD oil. For this, you can check at the back of the CBD product to see its cannabidiol blend along with terpenes and flavorings.

Full or Broad Spectrum

The full and broad spectrums are the two most common types of CBD oils for vape pens. These differ based on THC levels. The former contains THC in less than 0.3% with CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. On the other hand, the latter has zero levels of THC. If you want to experience CBD to its fullest, then go for the full-spectrum CBD vape pen.

Extraction Method

There are different methods of sourcing CBD compound, in which CO2 extraction is the most prominent one. When CBD is sourced through the CO2 extraction process, all the plant residues and toxins are eliminated from the CBD compound. It assists in purifying the CBD oil, thereby thinning the consistency for safe vaping.

Refillable vs. Disposable: Which CBD Vape Pen Suit You the Best?

Refillable Vape Pens

The refillable vape pens are those in which a user has to refill the vape juice after its exhaustion. However, such vape pens are not similar to the combo of mod and tank. The prime difference between a refillable vape pen and mod and tank combo is the size. Refillable vape pens are lightweight than the combo ones. These vape pens consist of a 510-thread battery along with a refillable tank. After finishing the CBD juice in the tank, the user has to refill it.

Disposable Vape Pens

Such types of CBD vape pens contain a pre-filling of vape juice. These are very compact and discreet that makes them a great choice for beginners. Most people show concern about how to use CBD oil in a vape pen. Well, all one has to do is to puff as such pens are draw-activated. Another impressive part of disposable vape pens is their neatness and simple design.

Yet if you are a newbie, then the disposable vape pens would be a better choice for you due to the following reasons:

  • More economical than the refillable vape pens
  • Convenient dosage system
  • Less cleaning or maintenance
  • No need to recharge the device

Near Locations & Recommended Place to Buy CBD Vape Pens

The most reliable place to get CBD vape pens is directly from the website of the manufacturer. You can buy CBD vape pen online from authentic websites that sell high-quality CBD products. However, make sure to go for the reputable brands only to avoid falling into the prey of deceits.


If you want to vape CBD, then give preference to the aforementioned brands for vape pens. They offer top-notch products that would take your experience of CBD intake to a level higher. Before you begin with vaping, make sure to keep the CBD dosage smaller at the initial stages. After that, you can increase the quantity gradually. It is important to keep it safe, especially if you are a newbie. When taken appropriately, CBD can work wonders for your overall health and well-being.