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by Jul 5, 2022Dry Herb Vaping

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Cannabis is mostly known as a health or recreational product. But did you know it can spice things up in your bedroom? In some parts of the world, marijuana has actually been used for thousands of years to boost libido. In reality, it is a crucial component of tantric sex rituals and is part of the Indian Ayurvedic philosophy.

Nowadays people use weed to enhance their sex life. According to users’ experience, it can bring new colors to your bedroom no matter whether you are going solo or with your partner. Though there is no specific information on how this process works, cannabis is known to produce relaxing effects. It facilitates a much deeper degree of intimacy by reducing pain and increasing sensitivity to pleasure. No wonder some users say that marijuana consumption has saved their relationships.

How Cannabis Affects Sex

Although additional research is necessary to determine exactly how weed affects sexual desire, there is one hint that always works. Users have reported positive outcomes when they chose indica-dominant strains with high THC content, such as the Flo OG strain, to improve their sexual experience.

There is no simple answer for those looking for the best weed for sex. The reason is that different weed produces unalike effects, moreover, it is personal for every consumer. To find the best strain for sex you need to be more specific with the effects you want to experience.

Indica or Sativa

In the broad sense, if you are looking for something that helps to become more active you should pay attention to Sativa cannabis. And in case you’d like to be relaxed and lowe inhibition, then the best choice for you is Indica.


Consuming marijuana activates CB1 receptors in the human body. When someone consumes cannabis, the plant’s THC attaches to CB1 receptors, which then send signals to the body. This has the potential to actively encourage bliss in general and enhance tactile perceptions.


Another element that strongly affects the outcome of cannabis consumption is the terpene profile. Terpenes, which are present in plants, are the molecules responsible for taste and odor. If you smell lemon or berries while smoking your pot, that is all because of terpenes. Not only do these molecules affect scent and taste, but they also impact the effects differently. Let’s see what strains are good for bedtime according to the effects produced by terpenes in cannabis.

Weed Strains for Sex

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine study marijuana users enjoy sex more. The investigation, which included an analysis of over 50,000 people, found a link between marijuana use and sexual frequency. Men and women who use marijuana regularly have more sex which proves cannabis’s positive effects on intimate life.

Though the body reaction to different weed strains is personal, we’ve got some tips on what to choose if you want to diversify your sex life.

For Increasing Your Libido

There are some strains of cannabis that are effective for boosting libido, yet more research is necessary before we can fully grasp how marijuana can impact your sexual health. If you are looking for the best strains for male arousal you can consider weed that works against anxiety that often leads to erectile dysfunction.

To increase your libido we recommend cannabis with a high concentration of terpene limonene. This terpene is known to make a significant influence on regulating anxiety in many parts of the brain. The strains that contain limonene and are good for libido boost are:

  • Flo OG
  • Wedding Cake
  • White Runtz
  • Gelato Cake
  • Kush Mints

For Trying Something New

Some people face inhibitions and stress when it comes to breaking out of a comfort zone in sex life. To lower inhibitions and get more sexually aroused it would be great to use cannabis that fights stress.

  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Sour Diesel
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Jack Herer
  • OG Kush

For Enjoying Alone

The ability to focus and relax at the same time is important for some fantastic alone sex time. To improve your solo session, look for strains that contain the terpene linalool, which has a relaxing effect. Because of its influence on the serotonin receptor, it arouses mood and provides relaxation.

Beta-caryophyllene is another terpene that can be beneficial. It may improve brain function by increasing oxygen and decreasing neuroinflammation, which aids in concentration.

Here is the list of strains containing both linalool and caryophyllene:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Black Amnezia Haze
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Runtz
  • Bruce Banner

For Pain Relief

It often leads to stiffness and tenseness if you are worried about having pain during sex. If you’re concerned about pain interfering with sex, search for strains that contain pain-relieving terpenes like linalool, myrcene, pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Also according to researchers when it comes to pain relief it is better to choose indica-dominant cannabis.

  • Ash
  • Northern Lights
  • Blueberry
  • GMO Cookies
  • Do-Si-Dos

For Touch Sensitivity Enhancement

Many experienced cannabis users will tell you that some strains increase responsiveness to touch and improve tactile sensations. It happens because body tingling effect certain strains can provide. The chemical structure of some cannabis strains is what causes tingling and other adverse reactions. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for the head and body high related to marijuana smoking. It changes one’s mental state and promotes physical sensitivity, resulting in tingles and giggles all over the user’s body.

  • Dolato
  • Mango Tango
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • White Runtz
  • Shangri-La

For Energy Boost

Some strains, when used correctly, can provide you with enough energy to keep up with even the most passionate of bedmates. Consider cannabis with alpha-pinene, limonene, and B-caryophyllene terpenes for increased energy and focus.

  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Durban Poison
  • Jillybean
  • Harlequin
  • XJ-13

For Relaxation

Relaxation is an integral part of successful and fulfilling sex time. A lot of women struggle with tension that doesn’t give them a chance to enjoy the moment of intimacy. According to researchers marijuana appears to improve orgasm satisfaction. The experiment’s primary finding was satisfaction in the sexual contexts of drive, orgasm, lubrication, dyspareunia, and total sexual experience. Most of the best strains for female arousal provide a relaxation effect that helps partners to enhance intimacy during the sexual sessions.

  • Bubblegum Kush
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Tahoe Og Kush
  • Purple Punch
  • Granddaddy Purple


Anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis improves sex. While marijuana can increase arousal and improve the lovemaking process, it is essential not to overdo it. If you’ve never had weed with sex before, ensure you dose it out so you can discover how the strain affects your body. Several studies indicate that chronic and heavy marijuana use may eventually reduce your libido. Use cannabis responsibly to reap the benefits and embrace the euphoria you experience.


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