Smoking a joint is not the only way to enjoy a premium quality strain of cannabis leaves. No, we are not talking about the use of bong or water pipes to smoke weed. We are talking about an entirely different way to enjoy a good high.

Many people have discovered the fun in cooking brownies and cookies with marijuana. In certain places, you may even come across happy wine or happy pizza, which are, respectively, wine and pizza spiked with marijuana. In the last ten years, a new trend has emerged in the consumption of marijuana – through vape. For a few years, this has become trendy. But now, there are actually some avid marijuana users who solely consume marijuana through vape. That’s great because vaping weed is added another layer to the texture and flavor of weed.

If you are one of the many people who are wondering how to use vape to enjoy marijuana, this article exists as a beginner’s guide to vaping cannabis. We hope to help people such as yourself to use a vaporizer for the very first time.

For many people, the first time is always the scariest. Yet, after doing it the first time, you will soon find yourself doing it again and again. Soon, you become an expert in vaping marijuana leaves.

Vaping for the first time can be a great way to discover a new way to enjoy your weed. Like learning how to roll a joint using a paper and dry clump of marijuana, vaping for the first time will also require a bit of learning and getting used to. As a beginner’s guide to vaping cannabis, through this article, we hope to guide and help steer you in the right direction.

First of all, it is important to remember that your ordinary vape pen will not work without any kind of preparation. Portable and desktop vaporizers are the two most common options. Instead of reusing your old vape, it is best if you buy these standalone units that are designed specifically for vaping weed.

You cannot just put your weed inside it and vape all day long. What you need to do is find some good quality dry marijuana leaves. Make sure to get the strains of cannabis that are not too sticky or dry. You will not be able to vape properly with too sticky or too dry leaves.

Then, you need to get a grinder. Never use mortar and pestle in grinding your weed. Make sure to get a good grinder because ground marijuana is important for the conduction of all cannabis vape types. Although there are marijuana vapes that will work even when using full buds, this is not always the case. So it is always best to grind your leaves of marijuana before putting them inside the vape.

There is an important note here. The enjoyment of marijuana depends on many factors. 2 of them are vaping types and seed banks that are used to grow Cannabis.

After preparing these items, ensure that your vape is fully charged or plugged in. This is important to make sure of prolonged enjoyment.

Keep your ground leaves ready. Your vaporizer has an herb chamber known as the vaporizer’s oven. Put your dry and round marijuana leaves inside the vaporizer. If you have a weed scooper, you can use that to place the leaves inside. Some people use a small business card that is folded in the middle to do this. Either way is okay.

Using your fingers, make sure to pack the marijuana leaves inside the vaporizer. Use your finger to push the ground leaves until the surface is relatively flat. The ground leaves should be packed thoroughly because it maximizes the surface area that is needed for the conduction. However, make sure that it is not packed too tight. There should still be an airflow. You need the air to pass through. Then you can start vaping.

Inhaling the smoke of the weed from the vape may weird you out at first. Smoke and water vapor are not the same. It can be quite jarring during the first time that you breathe in the vapor. Definitely, it can take some getting used to. Vapor can induce coughing. It is also much cooler than ordinary smoke from a joint. As you practice inhaling with vaporizer, try to check out different temperatures until you find the best one for your preference. After your vape achieved your ideal temperature, make sure to give it at least 30 seconds before taking your first puff. If you are using a portable vaporizer, the wait can be as long as one minute or more.

This is how to use a vaporizer for your cannabis. It is very understandable that you will be daunted or even scared if this is your first time using a vaporizer to recreationally enjoy marijuana. We hope that through this article we are able to help you discover the enjoyable vaping of weed. We meant this to be a beginner’s guide to vaping cannabis. For more information, you can find more information about cannabis vape types in your favorite seed banks.