Use an All-in-One Device for a Better Dry Herb Vaping Experience

When you shop online for vaporizers, you’ll find two primary types of devices: dry herb vaporizers and devices designed to handle waxes and concentrates. While you can have a great vaping experience with either type of vaping device, you’ll have that experience with just one medium. Why sell yourself short? Even if you only ever intend to vape dry herbs and have no interest in trying concentrates, you may change your mind eventually. Either way, though, you’ll have the best possible vaping experience if you use a device designed from the ground up to do everything. Here’s why.

Our Top All-in-One Vaporizer

In a crowded marketplace, one all-in-one dry herb vaporizer stands out above the rest. We like the Prohibited in the 5th Degree vaporizer because the device’s removable cartridge system is like no other vaping technology on the market. Designed by V2 Cigs and now available from Pure E-Liquids, the Prohibited vaporizer is also a device with years of history and loads of industry respect. So, what makes this device so special?

Switch Media on the Fly

Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer

The Prohibited in the 5th Degree vaporizer uses a system of removable magnetic cartridges that makes it possible for you to switch from one medium to another in seconds. Do you have your dry herb and concentrate cartridges both pre-loaded and ready to go? Vape one cartridge and pull it out. Drop in the other cartridge, and you’re immediately ready to go for another vaping session. The metal contacts on the bottom of the cartridge tell the Prohibited vaporizer which type of cartridge you’re using. The vaporizer automatically switches modes to give you the best vaping experience for that medium.

Keep Your Device Clean

Don’t you hate loading your dry herbs directly into the body of your vaporizer? You end up getting herbs all over your vaporizer when you try to load the oven – and since you can’t just soak your entire device in alcohol, the oven is almost impossible to fully clean. Since it keeps the device and the oven separate, the Prohibited vaporizer is incredibly easy to clean. You can simply soak the dry herb cartridge in alcohol for a day or so, rinse away any remaining residue and let the cartridge dry fully before using it again.

Get a “New Vaporizer” Whenever You Want It

Using a vaporizer with a built-in oven doesn’t just mean that the device is incredibly difficult to clean; it also means that you’ll only get that “new device” experience once. Some people love the smoky flavor that you can get from an old device caked with resins. Even if you do love that experience, though, you may still want to taste the delicate terpenes when you splurge on some more expensive herbs. The Prohibited vaporizer makes it possible to get that new device experience whenever you want it simply by replacing your cartridge. You’ll get the same experience that you enjoyed when you used your device for the first time.

Great Selection of Accessories

Prohibited Vaporizer Cartridges

When you buy a device with real history like the Prohibited vaporizer, you’re getting a device with an established ecosystem of useful accessories. The dry herb and concentrate cartridges – both included – aren’t the only accessories available for the Prohibited vaporizer. Separately available are an e-rig accessory and a dabber attachment. The dabber attachment is particularly unique because, unlike most dab rigs, there’s no need to use a tool to move the sticky oil from a container to a heating coil. The Prohibited dabber attachment points down, so you can simply touch it to your material and inhale.

Simple Operation

The single-button operation of the Prohibited vaporizer is extremely simple and ensures that nothing gets between you and your vapor. There’s no complicated menu system and no fiddly process for temperature changes. Just push the button to vape. Pressing the button also allows you to cycle between three different temperature settings.

Using the Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer

Prohibited Vaporizer Temperature

The Prohibited vaporizer includes a magnetic USB charging cable that attaches easily to the bottom of the device and connects to any USB port. While your device charges, you can prepare the cartridge that you want to use. The dry herb cartridge has a leaf pattern on its metal accent, and the concentrate cartridge has a hexagonal pattern.

Loading the Prohibited Dry Herb Cartridge

You can open either of the two Prohibited cartridges by twisting off the black mouthpiece. Inside the dry herb cartridge, you’ll see an empty chamber. Fill the chamber with finely ground herbs, ensuring that the herbs don’t go above the maximum fill line on the inside of the chamber. Pack the herbs down lightly to ensure good contact between the herb particles. Don’t pack the chamber too tightly, though, as you’ll prevent air from traveling efficiently through the chamber.

After filing your cartridge, place it in the Prohibited vaporizer. A magnet holds the cartridge in place.

Using the Prohibited Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

Press the button on the Prohibited vaporizer three times to unlock the device. You’ll see three white flashes to confirm that the device is unlocked. If you see three red flashes, the device is locked.

Press the button twice to put the Prohibited vaporizer in temperature setting mode. The LED rings on the device will begin cycling between the low, medium and high temperature settings. Press the button to select your temperature.

Press and hold the button to begin vaping. When the indicator light turns green, the device’s oven has reached your selected temperature. Inhale to vape. Press and hold the button again to turn the vaporizer off.

Loading the Prohibited Concentrate Cartridge

Inside the Prohibited concentrate cartridge, you’ll see two heating coils. To load the cartridge, use a dab tool to remove a small amount of wax or oil from your container. Place the dab directly over the heating coils and replace the mouthpiece.

Using the Prohibited Vaporizer for Concentrates

Unlock the Prohibited vaporizer using the instructions above. You can also use the above steps for setting the device’s temperature.

When you use the concentrate cartridge, the Prohibited vaporizer doesn’t require a preheating function. Instead, it heats on demand. When you’re ready to vape, simply inhale while pressing and holding the button. If you start to get a burned flavor, the wicks in the cartridge may be dry. Open the cartridge and take a look. You may need to add more wax or oil. If some of your material has dripped down to the bottom of the cartridge, you can reclaim it with the dab tool and place it back on the heating coils.

Author: Jason Artman

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