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Kratom has made quite a splash since it found its way into the modern world. By now, you must have heard about it, or at least some of the products that claim to help with many ailments. Even though none of those mind-blowing benefits have been scientifically proven, and the ever-present FDA has not approved any products, Kratom still made its way to many people.

Even with the restrictions in advertising and the fact that it is prohibited in some countries, Kratom still has a place in alternative medicine, and the people who’ve been trying it out have nothing bad to say. We would like to discuss today a lesser-known form of a Kratom product – Authentic Kratom Extract.

What Is Kratom Extract?

As you can do with most herbs, you can make an extract out of Kratom, and it’s a relatively simple process which we’ll cover in a moment. But for now, why would you want to do something like that? Wouldn’t the Kratom powder you can get online do the same thing? Well, the answer is a bit complicated, and to get to it, we’ll first have to explain how extracts in general work.

So, an extract is the final product of a process that extracts alkaloids from certain plants and concentrates them. This is done because the final product will have a much higher alkaloid percentage, and therefore the effects of those alkaloids will be more potent upon consumption. It is a process that’s done with many plants, most likely ones you would also make into a tea that has some calming or pain-relieving properties.

How Is it Different From Other Kratom Products?

The main difference between other Kratom products that are available on the market and Kratom extract is that the extract is much more potent than Kratom powder. Even though they look alike in their final form, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

First of all, Kratom powder is made by basically just drying the leaves and grinding them up, while the extract goes through a whole other process that makes it just a little different. For instance, it will get a darker color than powder has, and the smell will get more intense – most likely due to a lot more alkaloids being there.

How To Make Kratom Extract

The best thing about Kratom extract is that you can make it at home without needing additional supplies. Of course, you’ll need Kratom leaves, which can sometimes be a bit harder to acquire, but if you can, you should never miss the opportunity. Once you have the leaves, you start as you normally would when making a herbal tea – you boil them.

Once the leaves start falling apart and you have yourself some Kratom leaf tea, it’s time to move on to the most crucial step. You’ll first need to strain the solution to get rid of any leftover plant material or solids. Then, you simmer the remaining liquid until all the water evaporates, and you’re left with a paste. You can make it as dense as you like; just be careful not to burn it.

When you have your paste ready, you’ll have to leave it to sit until it’s completely dry. You can then grind it back up and have your powder with a high alkaloid count ready for use at any time.

How To Take Kratom Extract

Since your extract will essentially be in powder form, you can take it in all the ways you would typically take Kratom powder. That means brewing it into tea, drinking it using the toss and wash method, or even making it into a shot which makes the whole process much quicker.

Since Kratom isn’t necessarily the tastiest thing you’ll ever try, all these methods can be enhanced by adding some ingredients that will improve the taste and help it go down a bit more easily.

What Is The Correct Dosage?

Since none of the Kratom products are FDA approved yet, and with you making your own extract, we can’t really be sure of the alkaloid concentration. That’s why we can, instead of giving you an exact dosage for a cup of tea, or a Kratom shot, recommend that you start with a very small amount and work your way up until you find that you’re comfortable with both the taste and the sensation.

In Conclusion

Now you know everything you could ever need about Kratom extract, and if it sounds like something you’d like to try, there’s nothing stopping you from making your own, all in the comfort of your home.

This was about everything you need to know about making Kratom extracts at home. Remember that these are beginner tips. As you progress, you will find many more exciting things to add to the process.