5 Accessories That Will Improve Your Smoking Session

Smoking marijuana is already an enjoyable experience. However, personalizing your smoke session will take your high to the next level. There are hundreds of smoking accessories available in online head shops like Badass Glass that can help you tailor each toke to meet your desired needs. Here are some of the best smoking accessories that are bound to be your companions for cannabis consumption!

1. Ash Catchers

Cut down on cleaning your bong and add extra filtration to each hit with an ash catcher. These bong attachments are doubled jointed to nest between your joint and bowl. Every time your bud turns into ash, it lands in the catcher rather than in your joint, downstem, or bong water.

Ash is pesky enough. However, smoking weed also leaves behind sticky resin. Cleaning gunk out of a detachable ash catcher is much easier than scraping globs of it from a large bong. Investing in an ash catcher will significantly cut down on cleaning time!

Also, many ash catchers have a percolator inside. This is the first line of defense for cooling down freshly lit smoke. That way, you’re less likely to cough or burn your throat when taking a hit.

2. Stash Jars

Nothing is worse than dried-out weed. Not only does it get super flaky and messy, but it will lose its potency with time. The most effective way to ensure moist buds is by stashing your marijuana in an airtight container.

Stay away from plastic stash jars, especially sandwich bags. Plastic is extremely porous, which will draw moisture out from your cannabis. In turn, your buds will dry up quicker.

Once moisture gets into the pores of plastic, mold can begin to grow. Mold can contaminate your weed and, ultimately, pose a health risk to the smoker.

Opt for a glass jar. Glass won’t suck up water from your plant. Instead, this material creates a humid environment that helps support freshness.

Keep in mind that humidity can also lend itself to mold growth. You might want to get Boveda humidity control packets to help break up moisture in the stash jar.

3. Reclaim Catcher

Cannabis is the gift that keeps on giving. Even what we consider to be “gunk” could be used again to create a different smoking experience.

Some perfectly good concentrate will inevitably fall into the pipe or rig whenever you dab. This oil glob can become a sticky mess to clean…and is a waste of product.

A reclaim catcher will reclaim your concentrate by catching it! Just add it to your banger, which you then connect to your oil rig and pipe.

Empty the water out of your apparatus when you’re done dabbing. Collect your reclaim and place it in a bag with rubbing alcohol. Shake the bag hard to break up the gunk.

Stick the resin and alcohol into a glass container and heat at a high temperature to bubble off the alcohol. Remove from heat and cover the glass container for 24 hours to allow additional vaporization. Then, store the resin in a stash jar until you’re ready to cash-in on your bonus dabs!

4. Bowl Screens

Whether you’re smoking out of a hand pipe or a bong, you can’t go wrong with putting in a bowl screen. This little investment will save you big money.

These tiny mesh strainers help prevent finely ground weed from falling into your basin or bong water. This weed would inevitably get stuck in resin that’s already inside the stem. So, getting a bowl screen will cut down on cleaning time for your favorite piece.

You can use a bowl screen for a couple of sessions, but they will start to wear with continuous use. Luckily, you usually get multiple in a package, and they are relatively inexpensive to replace.

5. Pre-rolled Cones or Rolling Machines

Rolling a joint or blunt is a talent that not everyone acquires. A bad roll-up can be wasteful for rolling papers, blunt wraps, and even weed. Have you ever tried powering through a joint with a tear in it? It’s not an optimal high.

You can avoid this displeasure by getting pre-rolled cones. All you need to do is stuff the cone with weed, roll the tip, and spark it up.

Cones can hold a lot of marijuana. You might want smaller servings of weed or a quicker smoke session. In that case, invest in a rolling machine.

Simply place your weed and a filter tip between two rollers. Roll both sides together and towards you.

Take rolling paper, gum-side up and facing you, and place it in between the rollers. Now, roll it in until all that is showing is the sticky side. Give that a lick and continue rolling.

Open your rolling machine up, and voila! Your joint awaits you. Now, puff away!

Choosing the Best Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories are a great way to save money, personalize your experience, and get higher. Make sure you choose a reputable online head shop that carries a variety of smoking accessories. That way, you can mix and match items in their catalog to find the right smoking accessories for you!

Author: Jack Keenan

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