Best E-Cigarette for Beginners

Welcome to the eCig One guide to the best e-cigarette for beginners. At eCig One, we have devoted a great deal of time discussing expert vaping topics such as sub-ohm vaping and e-liquid steeping. If you’ve read any of these articles, though, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that a lot of the devices we discuss on eCig One aren’t ideal for beginners — and you’re right. Temperature control mods, rebuildable atomizers and the like are typically for expert e-cigarette users who have both the time to learn about electrical safety and the time to tinker with all aspects of their device. If you’re a beginner, you might fall into this category eventually. If you’re shopping for your first e-cigarette, though, you want something that just works with no fuss.

If you are new to e-cigarettes, the best e-cigarette for you is the VaporFi Rocket. In this article, we’ll explain why. We have a number of links sprinkled throughout this guide that help to illustrate why we consider the VaporFi Rocket the best e-cigarette for beginners. We suggest that you take a look at them for more information. If you’re an international reader, VaporFi has you covered — they’ll ship throughout the world, wherever e-cigarettes are allowed.

Best E Cigarette for Beginners

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If you’ve read a few of the articles on eCig One, you’ve probably noticed that our team has spent plenty of time with e-cigarettes. In fact, writers such as Vapegrl and the rest of our staff have written about e-cigarettes for almost as they have been available in the United States. Collectively, we have owned upwards of 100 vaping devices and e-cigarette kits. The performance from one e-cigarette to the next can vary greatly. Selecting the best e-cigarette for beginners requires far more than finding one with great vapor production, although that’s certainly an important factor. It’s the attention to detail, fit and finish of the products and superb customer service that put VaporFi over the top.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should generate vapor to spare.

Best E Cigarette for Beginners VaporFi Rocket

The VaporFi Rocket Tank features a stainless steel and glass design and has fully adjustable airflow control.

Vapor production isn’t the sole quality that the best e-cigarette for beginners should offer, but it may be the primary quality. In the beginning, e-cigarettes were designed to be as small as possible so they would resemble tobacco cigarettes. They held very little nicotine liquid and their small atomizers could only manage to produce thin traces of wispy vapor. Many of today’s e-cigarettes — including almost all disposable e-cigarettes — are still based on that original design. Unfortunately, though, the more an e-cigarette looks like a real cigarette, the worse it tends to perform.

The VaporFi Rocket gets around this problem by doing away with the cigarette form factor entirely. It comes with a large metal and glass tank that resists cracking and won’t impart off, plastic tastes to your liquids. The heating coil is easily replaced when vapor production starts to decline, and you can adjust the tank’s airflow as well as the voltage of the battery up to a maximum of 4.8 volts. So, while the VaporFi Rocket generates some really impressive vapor clouds, it’s still simple enough for a complete beginner to use.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should be easy to use.

If you’re trying to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the last thing you want to do is learn how to navigate complicated menu systems, wrap your own heating coils and check atomizer resistance. Using the VaporFi Rocket is as simple as using the dial to select the vapor production you want, holding the button and inhaling as you would with a real cigarette. To refill the tank, just twist the bottom off and add the liquid of your choice to the reservoir. When the atomizer coil eventually starts to wear out, twist it out of the base and screw in a new one.

When you do need to buy more atomizer coils, VaporFi sells them in packs of five for just $19.99. Choose the 1.8 ohm variety for cooler, smoother vapor or buy the 1.5 ohm coils for warmer vapor with more intense flavor. However, your first six atomizer coils are included with the Rocket Starter kit, which means it should be several months before you’ll need to buy more. One of the reasons why we call the VaporFi Rocket the best e-cigarette for beginners is because many other companies only give you one atomizer or heating coil to start with. That hardly gives you a chance to get to know your new device before you need to start buying replacement parts.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should use industry standard attachments.

The VaporFi Rocket is specifically designed to work with VaporFi’s own Rocket Tank. The two meet together perfectly, creating a smooth and sleek appearance. However, you won’t be stuck with that setup if you eventually decide that you’d like to experiment with other tank systems. The VaporFi Rocket uses the industry standard 510 connection, which means that it will work with the vast majority of the tank systems available on the market. You’ll be able to try new vaping setups without the need to purchase a different battery.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should be designed to last.

Best E Cigarette for Beginners VaporFi Rocket Atomizer

The VaporFi Rocket atomizer features dual coils and an organic cotton wick.

In an effort to keep costs down, many entry-level e-cigarettes include tanks made from plastic. While this obviously lowers the cost of the e-cigarette, many e-smokers — ourselves included — find that plastic tanks alter the taste of e-liquid in an undesirable way. In addition, many e-liquids have been known to cause spontaneous cracking in plastic tanks. However, all-glass tanks have their own problem: they break when dropped on hard surfaces. If take your e-cigarette everywhere and happen to drop it, this could become a terrible problem. VaporFi has solved this problem by encasing the Rocket Tank in metal, exposing just a little of the glass so you can see how much liquid is remaining. If you happen to drop the Rocket, it is extremely unlikely that the tank would ever break.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should guarantee your satisfaction.

The e-cigarette industry grows by leaps and bounds every day because it offers a product smokers want: something that delivers nicotine with the sensation of smoking, but without the smoke. Many companies have gotten on board and now offer this product, but only a few guarantee you’ll like it. We suggest VaporFi to beginners because they guarantee your satisfaction. If you don’t enjoy your device, simply contact VaporFi within 30 days to arrange for a return. That shows a degree of confidence that few other companies can claim to match.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should ship fast.

Our writers will never forget the excitement they felt when they ordered their first e-cigarette kits. Customer service wasn’t exactly a priority then, as few companies in the United States offered e-cigarettes at all and there was little competition to worry about. Many companies would take orders and wait for their supplies to arrive from overseas before shipping them. With VaporFi, most orders are shipped the same day if they are placed before 12 PM Eastern time. VaporFi even has a home delivery program allowing you to have your e-liquid shipped automatically each month at a ten percent discount.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should use lab-certified liquids.

Although many of today’s e-liquid companies are now using outside laboratories to ensure the purity of their products, few actually allow customers to view the test results. VaporFi is an exception; their e-liquids use Kosher ingredients, glycerin sourced from soybeans — not peanuts — and the absolute purest nicotine available. All of VaporFi’s formulas are on file with the FDA, and you can check all of the associated lab tests and certifications online. Although the vast majority of the e-liquids for sale today have top-notch purity and quality control, there is still the possibility that some e-liquids could be sold with undetected impurities. For this reason, we recommend only buying e-liquid from a company that makes its test results available to the public.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should be easy to find and buy.

Navigating a complicated, overcrowded website only adds to the frustration as you search for the best e-cigarette for beginners. That’s why we love the layout of the VaporFi website. Even though they offer a large product lineup, the website makes it very easy to find and locate the best device for your needs and all of the appropriate accessories such as tanks, atomizer coils and batteries. If you get lost, just scroll to the bottom of the page for the full table of contents.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should give you room to grow.

Few people switch to e-smoking without ever upgrading their e-cigarettes. Although the VaporFi Rocket is the best e-cigarette for beginners partly because of its outstanding vapor production in relation to its size, the VaporFi product lineup includes e-cigarettes that produce even more vapor. However, interoperability is one of the company’s strengths. As we mentioned above, the VaporFi Rocket battery uses an industry standard connection, allowing you to try other tanks such as the Rebel Tank if you’d like. However, that interoperability also works the other way. You could eventually upgrade to the VaporFi Rebel II, a device that produces a bit more power than the Rocket — and you could continue using your Rocket tank with the new device. The Rocket Tank even works with the VaporFi VOX II. It’s a powerful device that produces up to 50 watts of power, although it isn’t necessarily the best e-cigarette for beginners.

The best e-cigarette for beginners should offer easy support.

On VaporFi’s customer support page, you’ll find the company’s toll-free phone number, mailing address, and email addresses that you can reach to discuss any type of problem. If you have questions or concerns, VaporFi wants to hear from you — and we are the same. We have devoted this entire website to helping people along the road to switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, and if you ever have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch.

Author: eCig One Staff

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