Vuse E-Cigarette: Reynolds Announces Expansion Plans

As part of its efforts to capitalize on the growing e-cigarette market nationwide, Reynolds American will be bringing its Vuse e-cigarette to Utah. Originally launched in Colorado, this next step is scheduled to happen sometime in the middle of January, The Business Journal reports.

This move represents the next step in the company’s plan to diversify their product line, and so far it seems to be the right move. Although e-cigarettes still represent an extremely small part of the tobacco industry as a whole, many experts are predicting that there will be more e-smokers than smokers by the end of the decade.

Currently Reynolds American offers two options, the Vuse Solo disposable e-cigarette and the Vuse System, with rechargeable batteries. The Vuse disposable costs $10, while the Vuse System  costs $30 and includes three cartridges. It also appears to include a portable charging case of some kind. I’m hoping to secure a Vuse review unit in the future and will write about it at that time. Although a lot of people — myself included — feel a lack of trust for the Big Tobacco companies, it’s hard to deny that the Vuse is an interesting product and a lot of people are searching for information about it.

According to the article, Reynolds settled on Utah for the next phase of the Vuse e-cigarette’s expansion since it is next to Colorado, where early reports indicate that the company has a hit on its hands. This is just the next phase in a planned national rollout that will likely continue through 2014.

In addition to solidifying its plans for the next stage of the e-cigarette market land grab, Reynolds announced that the new Vuse 2014 version is on the way. USA Today reports that the new Vuse e-cigarette will have a chip that “monitors and adjusts heat and power more than 2,000 times per second.” For all I know, this is something that most or all e-cigarettes already have; if you’ve studied the e-cigarette industry at all, you know that e-cigarette companies are not above claiming that a feature present in most or all e-cigarettes is exclusive to their brand. Reynolds also plans to introduce a battery with a built-in charge meter. V2 Cigs also announced a similar change recently and is already selling it in the form of the V2 EX battery.

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