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Reynolds Test Markets Vuse E-Cigarette

Reynolds Test Markets Vuse E-Cigarette

Reynolds American — the second largest U.S. tobacco company and the maker of brands such as Camel, Kool, Winston, Salem, Pall Mall and American Spirit — is test marketing a new disposable e-cigarette called Vuse, according to a report in the Winston-Salem Journal.

Judging from the only picture I was able to find, the Vuse appears to be a run-of-the-mill disposable with Chinese e-liquid, the same as what just about every other e-cigarette company sells. Nevertheless, it’s a big step as it could signify the entry of a second Big Tobacco company into the e-cigarette industry.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since publishing this article, we have received many, many comments from people requesting a Vuse coupon or requesting information about how to receive a free Vuse e-cigarette. Although we appreciate the attention this article has received, we must stress that we aren’t Reynolds and can’t provide support or service for the Vuse e-cigarette. Contact Reynolds about any customer support issues.

According to the report, the Vuse e-cigarette is still veiled in secrecy; Reynolds isn’t saying what stores are selling it or allowing them to display the product at all. Apparently, to buy the Vuse e-cigarette, customers simply have to know it’s there. The buyers are mostly Reynolds employees.

In Clemmons, N.C., the Vuse can be purchased at 6311 Stadium Drive. It’s also available at 3193 Peters Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem.

Daniel Delen, CEO and President of Reynolds, apparently believes that the e-cigarette industry has yet to see a product sufficiently compelling to encourage a significant number of smokers to convert. According to the article, Reynolds is focused on developing such a product.

While there is no information suggesting that the Vuse differs from the Chinese disposable e-cigarettes already available, Reynolds has been the leader among Big Tobacco companies in developing smokeless products for U.S. consumers and could shake up the e-cigarette industry in interesting ways. In recent years, Reynolds has released snus as well as tobacco strips and orbs. They’ve also released a nicotine gum and are test marketing tobacco pellets and pouches under the Viceroy brand name. Clearly, Reynolds is staking the future of the company in large part on smokeless products.

Although customer opinions about some of Reynolds’ smokeless products seem to vary, Reynolds claims to have proprietary technology that will give the company an edge in the e-cigarette industry. If Reynolds managed to develop an e-liquid indistinguishable from a Camel cigarette, for example, the resulting e-cigarette could certainly become a major success among smokers.

On the other hand, I’m not sure I want to know what chemicals would be necessary to accomplish that goal.

Vapegrl is a freelance writer and eCig One news contributor who switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes in 2010. Vapegrl launched an e-cigarette website in 2012. is a newbie-friendly e-cigarette information resource for new and experienced e-smokers.


  1. ‘On the other hand, I’m not sure I want to know what chemicals would be necessary to accomplish that goal.’

    Exactly! What is now a much safer alternative to smoking could very well be just as deadly as smoking, once the Tobacco industry starts producing their product.

  2. Ill be honest Big Tobacco Companies getting into the E-Cig Market place is scary to me ill feel much safer buying My custom E-Juice from a good Online Vendor . but id really like a good Camel

  3. Even though this may seem ominous (and I certainly understand Kay1959’s concern), ‘big tobacco’ making an entrance into the personal nicotine vaporizer market is a relief right now. It is important to remember (and to be vigilant) that big tobacco cannot monopolize the vaporizer industry; their lobbying power can be an umbrella that protects smaller companies as well, if the vaping community utilizes its voice as a collective. Regardless of how big tobacco companies design, manufacture, and market their product(s), the fact that they are staking a claim implies that they also have an incentive to protect that market.


  5. I love your vuse cig’s, But the price of the refills are outrageous. If I could get some coupons I would very much appreciate it. Thank you RaNae

  6. Am somking a VUSE SOLO right now and i got to tell you it is pretty amazing how this E cigarette taste. It’s pretty close to the taste i expect from a real cigarette. Am from austin texas and we don’t have VUSE here. I was able to get one from the music fest we had two weeks ago. I hope to see VUSE come to texas. Isee alot of people switching to e cigarette’s and i think VUSE would do excellent in the texas market. If i could get info on how to order i would right now.

    • Vuse. Is in texas i am in waco a i got mine yesterday. They sell them at stripes gas station and 7 eleven. And i love it. I received a free coupon for it and the refills free.

  7. Best cig I have ever tried. It’s better then the njoys.

  8. How to buy vuse need info please help. Thank youIV

  9. I would like to test a free vuse an see how it work plaease

  10. you sent me a coupon for free vuse solo and free vuse cartridges and i cant find anyone that that sells this product please tell me where i can use these coupons thank denise

    • To Denise and any future commenters:

      At eCigOne, we’ll approve any comment that isn’t inflammatory. We aren’t Reynolds, though, and we can’t help with any customer service issues. If you are having trouble using or buying the Vuse e-cigarette, please contact Reynolds. Thank you.

    • I got mine at 7-11 and from what I hear they are available there all over the country

    • I’m trying to get those coupons and I can’t get them nowhere. How you got them?

  11. Hi, I would like a coupon for a free Vuse E-cig. that everybody is raving about!!!

  12. I just saw the “VUSE” cigarette on TV. I’ve been smoking “Winston 100’s for approximatey “33” Years. I WOULD LOVE TO TRY THIS NEW CIGARETTE! Can I get a Sample??? I smoke about 1 1/2 pie per day.

  13. where to buy? in levelland, texas?…or Lubbock, texas for second choice

  14. Send me one I’ll try it if I like it I’ll buy more my hold family will get them if I like it [address removed. ed]

  15. I have been smoking vuse for almost 3 months.I really enjoy it but the cover on the cartridge isn’t always sticking and it is hard to smoke.Other than that I recomend them to people who want to quit smoking

  16. Would love a coupon to try it out plz

  17. I live in homestead…s=33033 zip…where are they sold???

  18. i got coupons today and went to the website and used the store locator to find Murphy gas stations carry them. They definetly have a flavor that reminds you of a cig. Each Solo includes a small USB charger. Thumbs up.

  19. Hello, I would like to try the Vuse E cigarette. Could you please send me a coupon so i can try it for free as well? Thanks, Leah

  20. If you send me a free one if I like it I will tell my family and friends about Vuse E cigarette. [removed contact information. ed]

  21. R.J. Reynolds stick to cigarettes… I finally tried your vuse after searching and finding a place that would accept your coupon.For the wait I was not happy with “reynolds” product. Bieng the king of cigarettes and waiting so long for the big debuit of your E cig I thought, alright I could now smoke the e cig and not have the itch. That was not the case, I smoked the whole cartrige in about 2 hours then had to pick up my box of smooth 100’s. Get back to the drawing board and send me another coupon when you get it right. Signed, one of your biggest consumers….

    • I’m in Indiana and Speedway is the only place that has them. They showed me free coupons that people were using. Where are you guys getting free coupons? You said you got it in the mail, but who sent it to you and how did you get it?


  22. Heard great things can I please get a free coupon to try for myself thanx :))

  23. I have had Bad luck with Vuse refill cartridges. One out of two didn’t work and I couldn’t get refunded both times. I can’t afford to have one not work. I started using Vuse to save money not throw it away

  24. I would like a coupon for free vuse electronic cigarettes.

  25. I am an avid user of the Vuse eletronic cigarettes,I also am having a problem with some of the cartridges not working when they are new from from the package. How do I get a refund on the ones that are bad? I have saved the bad cartridges and the receipt on what I paid for them. Do I confront the Station where I bought them or come back to you since you are the maker of the product . An answer would be very much appreciated,

    Thank You,
    Barbara Sensabaugh

  26. I have been smoking BLU e cigarettes. I work at a gas station where we sell VUSE. I am thinking about trying them. We have your brochure to hand out & I have read them.I am 74 & old habits are hard to break but I Might try one to see what they are like.

  27. Have been using the refillable e go…if could get a free coupon sent to [address removed -ed.] I would love to try 1!!! Thanks either way!!!

  28. I would love a coupon for a vuse e- cig. Want to quit smoking and I tried my cousins .. Thank you!

  29. how can i get vuse coupons

  30. I would love to get a coupon to get a free Vuse and a refill to try out.

  31. worst e cig I have tried it tastes of nothing though would be like a real cig tasting waste of money I am going back to blu

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