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Magical Butter DecarBox Review

The Magical Butter DecarBox seemed like a good idea on the surface, but it fared poorly in our review. Find out why you shouldn’t buy the DecarBox.

Aspire Revvo Tank Review

With a revolutionary coil design, Aspire has produced one of the best sub-ohm tanks ever — but there is a drawback. Read our review.

How to Promote Your Cannabis Business Online

Online marketing for cannabis websites isn’t easy. It takes time and hard work. Get started now. Learn how to promote your cannabis business online.

Grinderrific: The eCig One Zero-Waste Herb Grinder Cleaning Method

With the Grinderrific zero-waste herb grinder cleaning method, you can make your herb grinder work like new without wasting any plant material. Learn how.

Apple to Enter the Vaporizer Industry?

Tetsuya Ishikawa of Apple filed a patent application for a new vaporizer technology. Are we about to see Apple release an iVape?

The Real Cost of Maintaining a WordPress Vape Shop Website

Are you thinking of using WordPress as the CMS for your vaping business’s website? Good idea. Before you start, find out what it’s really going to cost.

An SEO Company Can Ruin Your Vaping Business

Choosing the wrong SEO company is a mistake that your vaping business can’t afford. How can an SEO agency ruin your vape shop? We’ll give you 3 reasons.

Best E-Cigarette for Beginners

What is the best e-cigarette for beginners in 2017? You can buy a vaping starter kit anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you should. Get our recommendation now.

How Is Big Tobacco Approaching E-Cigarettes in 2017?

After five years in the e-cigarette industry, how is Big Tobacco approaching vaping in 2017? We investigate mergers, acquisitions, new tech and more.

How Do Vaping Websites Get Backlinks?

Having trouble getting backlinks for your vaping website? Of course you are. We’ve got 7 proven techniques for e-cigarette link building right here.

Local Vape Shop SEO: Ultimate Guide

Complete guide to local SEO for vape shops. Get your website ranked fast. No tricks or shortcuts. Just real SEO help that you can use right now.

Why Your E-Cigarette Website Doesn’t Generate Traffic

Your vaping website isn’t generating traffic? Get more e-cigarette traffic in three steps with this actionable, helpful guide.

How We Doubled Our Web Traffic in 6 Months: Step-by-Step Guide

You can double your the web traffic of your vape shop or e-cigarette website in 6 months. Here’s how we did it in just 6 actionable steps.

Cigalikes: The Ultimate Guide

Cigalikes are the ideal e-cigarettes for beginners — but don’t buy one from your local convenience store! Read our ultimate guide to cigalikes to find out why.

E-Cigarette Explosions: Comprehensive List

The only list of its kind available anywhere. This is our list of every e-cigarette explosion reported in the media since the beginning of the industry. Includes links to each report and attempts to explain what happened when possible.

Why Your Vape Shop Needs a Blog

Your vape shop may have a website, but your website isn’t complete until you add a blog. Start getting more vape shop traffic now. Find out how.