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What Happened to Jet Cigs?

With nothing but a simple ‘under maintenance’ message, Jet Cigs appears to be closed. We investigate the possible demise of this e-cigarette company.

Vapour 2 Review

Vapour 2 simply outclasses every other e-cigarette company in every aspect that matters. Find out why in this review.

VaporFi VOX II Review

The VOX II mod features best-in-class safety along with support for the sub-ohm attachments many mods can’t handle.

Vaper’s Tongue: Causes and Cures

Vaper’s tongue is an annoying side effect of e-cigarette vaping. Learn about the most common causes of vaping fatigue and how to fix them.

E-Liquid Steeping Guide

E-Liquid Steeping Guide: Discover why you might want to steep your e-liquid and get steeping like a pro with this clear, concise guide to aging e-juice.

Pax Labs Invents Better E-Liquid, Raises $46.7 Million

The JUUL e-cigarette from Pax Labs features a new form of e-liquid containing nicotine salts. Investors have supplied $46.7 million in funding.

ProVari P3 Firmware Update Adds Sub-Ohm Support

A new firmware upgrade raises the amperage limit of the ProVari P3, allowing it to support sub-ohm coils. Find out how to get the upgrade.

What to Do When You Lose Interest in Vaping

If vaping has begun to grow boring or stale for you, here are some tricks that might help.