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Black Note E-Liquid Review

Black Note e-liquid isn’t cheap, but it might be the best line of tobacco e-liquids anywhere. Boasting extensive lab certifications and a money-back guarantee, Black Note is truly unique.

What Happened to Jet Cigs?

With nothing but a simple ‘under maintenance’ message, Jet Cigs appears to be closed. We investigate the possible demise of this e-cigarette company.

Vapour 2 Review

Vapour 2 simply outclasses every other e-cigarette company in every aspect that matters. Find out why in this review.

VaporFi VOX II Review

The VOX II mod features best-in-class safety along with support for the sub-ohm attachments many mods can’t handle.

Vaper’s Tongue: Causes and Cures

Vaper’s tongue is an annoying side effect of e-cigarette vaping. Learn about the most common causes of vaping fatigue and how to fix them.

E-Liquid Steeping Guide

E-Liquid Steeping Guide: Discover why you might want to steep your e-liquid and get steeping like a pro with this clear, concise guide to aging e-juice.

Pax Labs Invents Better E-Liquid, Raises $46.7 Million

The JUUL e-cigarette from Pax Labs features a new form of e-liquid containing nicotine salts. Investors have supplied $46.7 million in funding.

ProVari P3 Firmware Update Adds Sub-Ohm Support

A new firmware upgrade raises the amperage limit of the ProVari P3, allowing it to support sub-ohm coils. Find out how to get the upgrade.